Basic Tips to Write a Biology Essay

Basic Tips to Write a Biology Essay
Basic Tips to Write a Biology Essay
Biology Essay- Guidelines

A biology essay means writing about the various life processes seen all around us. The essay will explain in details about the flora and fauna, that are a part of the living world. It may involve writing about microscopic organisms to the largest living mammal, that is a whale. So a biology essay is wide in its scope. Depending on the topic this essay type may also vary. If one is writing a paper on stem cell research, this may fall under the controversial research topics and one will have to write accordingly. Similarly one may be assigned to write a cause and effect essay on the problem of environmental pollution.

Like any other essay a biology essay will also follow the five paragraph format, unless otherwise specified. It will have the introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. An essay on pediculosis or the common lice, will thus look like this:


Pediculosis is the condition arising from infestation of the human body by the parasite commonly referred to as lice with the generic name of Pediculus. It is an ectoparasite that lives on the body of its host and survives by sucking blood from it. There are mainly three lice varieties found on the body of a human being. These are the head louse or scientifically known as Pediculus humanus, var. capitis, the body louse known as Pediculus humanus, var. corporis, and the pubic louse or…..


The head louse or P. capitis and the body louse P. corporis are very similar in shape, with the head louse being slightly smaller in size. The P. pubis is very distinct is shape with claw like pincers like that of crabs. They suck blood many times in a day and reproduce very fast with a single female louse producing nearly up to ten eggs per day in its average life span of about 30 days. So if kept untreated…

The chief clinical symptoms of lice infection thus include itching, excoriation, louse nits, dermatitis and lesions formed due to lice bites and secondary infections of the affected areas. The body and hair louse can be seen in all age groups and is more common in females. Children, specially between the age group of 5- 11 years, in general are …

Clinical diagnoses as Langford and Thompson (2004) tell us are by “A physical examination revealing nits or lice. The examination may be enhanced using fluorescent light and microscopic examination of hair shafts”(Langford and Thompson, 2004). Treatments available for pediculosis…


Thus, pediculosis a very common infection, caused by the lice due to unhygienic living and physical conditions, is a very fast spreading one and often can be a source of embarrassment for the patient. It has to be dealt with sensitivity and extreme care by the concerned nurse who will also have the duty of spreading awareness…

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