A Model Essay to Form Your Essay Outline

A Model Essay to Form Your Essay Outline
A Model Essay to Form Your Essay Outline
Choose the Perfect Model Essay

What are model essays? As the very name suggest, they consist of good essays written in the correct formatting and without any errors. In other words, an essay which one can use to form an outline and base his writing on. A model essay will be written in a five paragraph format, will be well researched, well organised, logical and comprehensive.

A model essay will have an introduction that will introduce the topic to the reader. It will present the important terms and terminologies related to the theme and will state the aims and objectives of the essay. At the end will be a thesis statement.

Introduction: Here in this paragraph the writer introduces the reader to the story to be later critically analysed (Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen).

Hedda Gabler is a play written by Henrik Ibsen and first published in 1890. It is the story of a lady named Hedda Gabler (nee Tesman). Her unmarried name was chosen as the title to show that she was more a father’s (aristocratic military personnel) girl than a wife to her husband Tesman (a rising academician). The drama unfolds as Hedda returns from her Honeymoon in pregnant condition and cannot control her jealousy on finding that her ex lover Lovborg has found a new …makes her realize the very futility of her own existence and she commits suicide by shooting herself with the remaining pistol.

Body- This paragraph will discuss the play in details and analyse it

At the first glance, Hedda seem to be in control of her situation. The rich daughter of an aristocratic family loves to control others and society in general. She expresses this in very clear words to Thea(Mrs. Elvstead) when she says “I want, for once in my life, to have power over a human being’s fate”(Ibsen, “Hedda Gabler”, p 324) There is an ever present sense of emptiness in her life which she tries to fill by trying to control other people’s fate. She does this without any sense of guilt…

Hedda tries to control and manipulate other people’s lives and fails miserably. She does not realise that desire and attainment are two entirely different things. The …

She is one way a victim of circumstances where everything she plans falls apart and lets her
sink further into despair and a sense of desolation. Hedda is more a victim of her own psychological complexities and falls prey to the unchanging realities that are inherited both genetically and personally. She lives in the realm of a …..

Conclusion - Will present a brief summary and reiterate the thesis statement.

Hedda commits suicide because she loses control of the situation, finds Judge Brack’s blackmailing unbearable and sees no way to escape her feeling of loneliness. Tesman at the end thrusts her aside as he sits to rewrite the lost manuscript throwing her deeper into a sense of despair. It is almost as if she realizes that life has no use for her and decides to escape…..

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