Tips to Write a Chicago Style Paper

Tips to Write a Chicago Style Paper
Tips to Write a Chicago Style Paper
Example of a Chicago Style Paper

A chicago style paper is the essay format chiefly used for writing social science, history and political science papers. In history and social science papers the reference or source is extremely important. For example, when reading about the role of Mary Magdalene in th history of Christianity, the writer would want to know whether a quotation in the article that he or she is reading comes from a review of that time or from a gospel. Since other citation formats like APA or MLA give the name of the author and a short title only, in case of historical studies like the one given above it is much more important to know the source of the information along with the name of the author, so a Chicago-style referencing is much preferred. The most important part of a Chicago paper is the writing of footnotes and endnotes and a bibliography page.

An example of a chicago style paper :

The in-text citation will be like this:

As Ramsay and Wilson tells us, “to Hebrews he emphasizes his Jewish character, and his birth in Tarsus is added as an accident: but to Claudius Lysias, a Greek Roman, he emphasizes Tarsian citizenship (after having told of his Roman citizenship)”1 .

The footnote to this in-text citation at the page end would read like this

1 W. Ramsay and M. Wilson, St. Paul : The Traveler and Roman citizen, (London: Kregel Publications, 2001), 36

Footnotes are written at the bottom of a page in 10-point font which is smaller than the main text (12 points).

The ‘Notes page’, at the end of the essay but before the bibliography page, should read like this:

1. Sir William Mitchell Ramsay and Mark Wilson. St. Paul: The Traveler and Roman citizen. (London: Kregel Publications, 2001), 36.

Endnotes are written at the end of a chapter or at the end of the essay in same size font as the main text. They will include the superscript number given with the in-text citation.Full citation is to be given for first-time referencing and later when the source is repeated the term IBID is to be used. The first line of all footnotes and content notes are to be indented, single spaced with an extra space between the references.

The last page that is the ‘Bibliography page’ that arranges the names of the cited authors alphabetically, should read like this:

Ramsay, W and Wilson, M. St. Paul: The Traveler and Roman citizen. London: Kregel Publications.

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