Bleak House Essays

Bleak House Essays
Bleak House Essays
“Bleak House” Essays

Literature course includes writing “Bleak House” essays by students. It is not an easy thing to do that, therefore we present you with some guidelines on “Bleak House” essays writing and analyzing.
While writing try to discuss the opinion of the author on British legal system.
Analyze style of writing and relations between the main characters. Ideological views may be discussed also. Why do they have a great role in writing of the novel?
Consider the novel to other works by Charles Dickens. What differences are? What similar is between the characters? And cite examples.
Symbolism, thematic lines and politics in the development may be discussed in context on the novel.
Society and morality are the essential elements for discussion. What reasons have you for paying a lot of attention to it?
Before writing “Bleak House” essays students should pay attention to the close reading of the novel. It is an important part of the work upon the essay, as you need to understand something and then analyze the information which you have understood. Actually close reading means:
Understanding what is not printed on the page. You should read between lines and therefore you need to read attentively and make up your own conclusions.
Being sensitive to the nuances of language and investigating connotations of words, as it is a technique which masks great writing skills of the writing, in our case of Charles Dickens.
Everything that is unusual to you may be a reason for discussion, up to the sentence structure, linguistic mistakes, and converted themes and so on. Your judgment upon the found subject is a discovery for readers.
Your attention should be on two levels: superficial and complex. The first one is for understanding of direct hints of the writer; the second one is for guessing what these hints are given for.
Here are some topics which you are welcome to choose for writing your essay on “Bleak House”:
Mr. Boythorn’ life and who is responsible for it?
Importance of Esther’s foreshadowing.
Is the Jarndyce & Jarndyce lawsuit allegory?
What role of characters which appear briefly in the novel?
Ghost’s Walk and its legend.
Women in Bleak House and their roles.

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