Personal Traits Essay

Personal Traits Essay
Personal Traits Essay: Writing about Self

Personal essay writing is rather different to other types of academic essays. Unlike a research paper or thesis project, you do not need to conduct a secondary literature search or do any experimentation. Unlike cause/effect or comparison/contrast essays, personal essay does not require any persuasion or argumentations.

Personal essay writing, especially personal traits essay project, require you to apply your creative writing skills to produce a well-written paper devoted to your personality, life experiences, important people, influences, or philosophy of lifestyle. Thus, personal essay is writing about the self.

Good Personal Essay: Strategies to Utilize

Good personal are not easy to write. You need to be aware of the following six aspects of personal essays:
Your personal essay is limited in length; therefore, use the space provided wisely
A good personal essay should be rewritten, edited, and polished several times
Personal essay writing should be written in your own and show who you are
Personal essay may focus on your goals and have a central idea (purpose) of writing
Personal traits essay should relate your goals to the specific life experiences
Personal traits essay should have a specific story or example as a base for writing
Questions to Ask Yourself

If you have no ideas how to start writing your personal essay or personal traits essay, ask yourself the following questions:
What are you proud of?
What are your life goals?
What are your strong sides?
How do you work on your weak sides?
What challenges did you have to go through?
Who or what has shaped your personality?

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