Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics
Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay requires students to offer description to something. For example, descriptive essay topics may deal with a person, a specific situation, emotion attached to event/person, experience, or place. Anything can become a good topic for your descriptive essay writing.

In essence, descriptive essay writing encourages you to create a good paper about a particular experience. Even though in most cases instructors do not assign specific descriptive essay topics to cover, you are expected to write about something important to you, about the experience which has changed the way you look at world.

You should be careful not to confuse descriptive essay writing with narrative papers. Descriptive essay is not the same as narration because you need to create the picture of something, to make the reader see, hear, and sense the described event or object. Narrative essays, on the contrary, guide the reader through your experience without creating the feeling of presence.

Descriptive Essay Writing

To write a descriptive essay, you need to follow a number of steps such as:
Brainstorming (jotting down ideas on your topic before the actual process of writing)
Language element (you need to use clear language and choose words carefully to avoid confusion)
Sensual details (your primary tasks is to appeal to the senses of the reader!)
Emotional side (you need to integrate your own thoughts and emotions into writing)
Impressions (your descriptive essay should impress the reader; create connection)
Organization (descriptive essay is academic writing; therefore, structure is still important)

Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

You may write a good descriptive essay about things such as computer, food, or even trees. For example, describe your first computer, try to recall the emotions you experienced when your parents bought it for you, make a story about the role of computer in your academic and social life, etc.

You may also write an excellent descriptive essay about places such as school, home town, or room in a dorm. Similarly to the topic ‘computer’, you need to describe the place itself by focusing on many small details and trying to show how those small details are important to you.

You may create great descriptive essay by focusing on persons such as your friend, teacher, or even a movie star. It is not important whether or not you know that person; your emotions, feelings, and impressions are vital. Therefore, do not limit your imagination, just look around and you will see thousands of things which may become your descriptive essay topics!

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