Narrative Essays

Narrative Essays
Narrative Essays
Narrative essay writing requires you to present information based on personal opinion, behavior, life situations, and real examples from your own experience. Why do you have to write a narrative essay? The purpose of narrative essays writing is to test your creative thinking skills and critical analysis abilities. You need to make up a story, come up with characters, and develop plot lines.

Narrative essay writing is absolutely different to other forms of academic assignments:
Unlike critical essays, narrative essays require use of your imagination only; you are not expected to consult secondary sources for this purpose
Unlike literature essays, narrative essays must originate from your own mind and you do not have an opportunity to analyze pre-written information
Unlike research papers, narrative essays are never the collection of ideas of other people; narrative essays must be written in your own words only.
Narrative Essays Tips for Writing
A reader should be plunged into the time and place of narration in order to feel the same emotions and share the same views. It may be attained by using some examples, describing images, and giving the detailed characteristics to the objects, people and surrounding places. Lexical means such as metaphors, epithets, allegories and others may be used to achieve desired effects.
A writer should be subtle and wit in order to recognize the pertinent means of narration and to recreate own experience for others, simultaneously writing from a reader’s perspective.

Anyway students should practice ability to express own ideas in the understandable form of writing. Generally, a narrative essay is based on several points:
It may tell about something or somebody in accordance to all requirements of academic essay writing
It may have its own structure of narration, but thesis sentence and transitional sentences should be present.
It bases on own experience of a student or someone else; however any imagery details are allowed.
It expresses the main lesson in life or idea, which a student wants to make clear to readers through the narration.
Narrative Essay Ideas
You may tell about everything you want. It may be your first day at school, a visit to your grandmother or to another country, a personal communication with a rock star or the president via the Internet and so on.
However, of course, you need to let your emotions and experience through an imagery lens of standard rules, in other words follow your grammar and language while telling.
The final paragraph should point out the lesson or idea which you want your readers take up. Your conclusion should sound important.

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