English Essay Topics

English Essay Topics
English Essay Topics

An essay is a useful tool used by your professor to test out your capacity to organize your thoughts, collect and analyze information and write clearly and logically around particular English Essay topics by first arriving at a thesis statement.

There are so many English Essay topics you can be given to write on such as writing a literature review or the analysis of a particular character in one of your prescribed reading texts. Apart from asking you to write literary essays you can also be asked to write on more general English Essay topics such as:
Write about something you are forced to do without liking to do it - it can be something as simple as the avoidance of chocolates or fatty fried food, attending college lectures etc. Then go on to elaborate on the benefits that you get from forcing yourself to take part in such activities.
Name a National holiday that you would like to discard and give your reasons for wanting to do so through a convincing argument
Write about your changing attitude towards a group, a set of values, an activity or a person. Compare and contrast how you feel now and how you felt earlier and describe the reasons for your new world view.
Write an essay about an aggressive situation that you had to face or a time when you felt hostile towards others. Trace how the situation built up in to an explosive one and why this occurred and how you coped with the situation.
Describe a crisis situation that you learned from - how has this crisis affected your world view and you as a person?
What major change would you like in your life and why?
Write an essay about someone who has a world view that is different to your own, then discuss how this led you to discover yourself and your own true feelings.
Write about an opinion that you held that was different to the crowd- why did you take a stand on the subject. How did you handle the differences in opinion?
Write about a voluntary assignment that you took up and failed to complete. Elaborate on the task you undertook and why you could no longer cope with it.
Discuss points for and against highschool students working and studying Uphold your own view by describing your experience of working students

These are some of the English Essay topics that you can write a winning essay on.

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