Cause and Effect Essay Samples

Cause and Effect Essay Samples
Cause and Effect Essay Samples

There are so many different kinds of essay samples that you can read through including a cause and effect essay sample to get a better idea of how and what the topic of your essay expects you to write about. These can include
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Cause and effect essays

In a cause and effect essay-(also known as an explanation essay)-the main purpose is to try and explain an event or occurrence through various causes and effects

A cause and effect essay sample can be on a topic like-Explain why large numbers of Europeans migrated to Canada in the beginning of the 19th century. To tackle such a question the essay should be organized in such a way as to be able to connect each individual cause by tracing out its effect.
The introduction

A cause and effect essay about migration from Europe should start with some information about immigration trends in Europe in the early nineteenth century. The supporting follow up paragraph should explain the EFFECT of migration through the CAUSE of Europe’s poor economy at the time. This led to more and more people looking for more viable ways of making a living in far of places like Canada.

The next paragraph can highlight the second cause for the spurt of immigration from Europe which was the enhanced living conditions in Canada.

The concluding paragraph should offer a summary of the main causes for migration that have already been discussed in the earlier paragraphs of the essay. Basically the concluding paragraph should validate the earlier thesis statement made in the introductory paragraph that should read something like, ”It is the contention of this essay that the main causes for the increasing number of migrations from Europe to Canada in the early nineteenth century was due to the following causes:
Europe’s poor economy in the early nineteenth century
The better living conditions offered by Canada at that time

Once you examine this cause and effect essay sample for the logical flow between tracing the effect of migration to its two or more causes-it will become easier to write a cause and effect essay on any other topic of your choice.

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