Characteristics of Cause and Effect Essays

Characteristics of Cause and Effect Essays
Causal Analysis Focuses on Causes, Effects, or Both

You must it distinguish the causes from the effects.
Causes are the reasons that something happened
Effects are the results of the thing that happened
There may be multiple causes and effects

1. Multiple causes can have one effect

2. Multiple effects can have one cause

3. Multiple causes can have multiple effects

4. One event can produce a chain of consequences
Causal analysis has a clear purpose
A cause and effect essay may be expressive, but more often it is informative, persuasive, or both.
Some cause and effect essays have more than one purpose.
Causal Analysis Includes a Clear Thesis Statement
That identifies the topic
Makes an assertion about that topic
Suggests whether the essay will focus on causes, effects, or both.
Usually research of the topic is needed to locate evidence that will support the thesis.
Causal Analysis Follows a Logical Organization
Chronological order
Most-to-least or least-to-most order
Causal analysis explains each cause or effect fully in a detailed and understandable way with:

Causal analysis may recognize or dispel readers' assumptions (this reassures readers that other viewpoints have been recognized)

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