Divorce Essay

Divorce Essay
Divorce Essay

The rate of divorce is more pronounced today then it has ever been. A divorce essay should highlight the reasons behind the growing rate of divorce- prime amongst which is the changing concept of the role of the sexes. This is in direct contrast to earlier times when things were pretty cut and dried since:
Men went to work to earn the bread and butter
Women stayed at home to look after the children and the home.

However things are now very different to what they once were. A divorce essay should highlight that more then half of the jobs or occupations of the world are now held by women-many of who are also now the proud owners of businesses. Women today also actively participate in the world of politics as well as work. This has had many repercussions on the family as we know it since:
Women are now economically independent and have a lower threshold of tolerance. Whereas a woman in earlier times had very little choice and had to tolerate an abusive husband-today’s women does not depend so much on her spouse and so is more likely to walk out of a marriage on the slightest provocation.
A divorce essay can point out that working women have less time to give of themselves on the home front and many women make the world of work their priority
Educated women are more independent and are less likely to compromise in order to keep a marriage going. You can elaborate on this point in a divorce essay.
Whereas the earlier tendency was to stick on for the sake of the children-(even in a bad marriage)- more and more people are now realizing that it is actually better for them to split and go their separate ways rather than bring up children in dysfunctional homes.
In a rural economy the husband and wife both shared the home as well as the place of work (the farm) but in the modern context the women goes to work in a separate environment and so does the man. With jobs becoming more stressful and demanding and with the escalating costs of living-the job and not the home has become a priority-as a result family life takes second place to career success and the result is the higher rates of divorce.

Lastly a divorce essay should support what ever you say with statistical information from authoritative sources.

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