Cause and Effect Essay Tips

Cause and Effect Essay Tips
Cause and Effect Essay Tips
Like the other patterns of development, a cause-and-effect analysis can have many purposes. You can use this type of analysis to entertain, inform, or even persuade your readers. For example, the purpose of Leslie Parrish’s essay, “Financial Literacy and Kids,” is to inform readers of how a lack of basic financial education can cause bankruptcy. In addition, Parrish’s essay also persuades the reader that society must actively educate children and young adults about healthy financial practices:

Parrish, Leslie. “Financial Literacy and Kids.” Christian Science Monitor 97.110 (2005). Academic Search Premier.

Although cause-and-effect essays often focus on serious subjects, you could also use this type of analysis to entertain your readers. For instance, you could relate your experience of some of the more humorous effects of living in a dorm or discuss the reasons why you quit your job as an amateur mime.

Cause and Effect Essay Patterns

Generally, writers use cause-and-effect as the sole patterns of development in essays; however, you should know that cause-and-effect can also be utilized in other types of patterns. For example, if you’re writing a persuasive essay about instituting more severe laws against drunk driving, you could insert a section about the effects of drunk driving to make the essay more convincing.

You will probably find yourself using cause-and-effect analysis in many different subject areas in college. In science classes, you could analyze the causes and effects of a wide variety of phenomena. In history, you could outline the causes of a particular war and the widespread effects of the war’s aftermath. In a business class, you could relate the various effects of the boom in real estate, and so on.

As you read through your textbooks in other classes, you will notice that cause-and-effect analysis is widely used as an educational device. However, cause-and-effect analysis also has applications outside of the classroom. For example, if you’re writing a letter to the editor about the excessive development in your area, you could outline the effects, such as overcrowded roads and increasing crime.

Cause and Effect Essay Application

You also will probably find yourself using the cause-and-effect pattern of development on the job. A doctor could write out the causes of a certain illness, a public health official could discuss the various effects of a potential health hazard, a store manager could detail the effects the changing seasons have on product sales, a teacher could write out the causes of a student’s declining grades, and so on. Because human beings have a fundamental need to understand the reasons why events happen and the possible effects that events could have, knowing how to write an effective cause-and-effect analysis is important.

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