Example of Cause/Effect Essay

Example of Cause/Effect Essay
Example of Cause/Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay should be written in the form of exploration of causal chains by using careful language (properly chosen words and phrases) formatted either in chronological or emphatic order. Cause and effect essay writers need to use rhetorical method of writing which includes the following elements:

Presentation of the topic

Clear purpose of writing

Consideration of audience

Critical overview of the causes (outcomes)

Strong thesis statement (introduction)

Logical arrangement of the parts

Formal language of writing

Conclusion with the summary of key points

The key aspect of cause and effect essay writing you should keep in mind is organizational structure of your writing. Cause and effect essay format may have many formats while understanding the movement of your thoughts and ideas through an essay writing process has a significant influence on your essay coherency and causal link. It is strongly advisable to include diagrams, making it easier for the reader to get the understanding of your arguments.
Cause and Effect Essays have clear essay structure:
Your introduction should identify the topic and causal relationship as well as draw readers into the essay by:

Sparking the reader’s interest

Presenting your subject

Including any background information readers may need
Making a thesis statement that also:

States the cause-and-effect relationship

Avoids overly broad or absolute assertions

Uses qualifying words such as it is possible, it is likely, and most likely; avoid absolutes such as it is obvious, without doubt, always, and never

Avoids an overly assertive or dogmatic tone
Body paragraphs with topic sentences and other sentences that contain sufficient evidence/detail to support the thesis

Provide well-developed explanations.

Be sure to provide sufficient evidence that the causal relationship exists.

Offer a number of reasons and choose variety of types of evidence (examples, statistics, expert opinion, etc.).

Try to develop each cause or effect into a detailed paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

Strong transitions--use a transition each time you move from an explanation of one cause or effect to an explanation of another with transitions such as because, as a result, and therefore. A satisfying conclusion that reinforces the thesis and draws the essay to a satisfying close (might also summon the readers to action).

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