Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays
Argumentative Essays

The art of argumentation is not an easy science. From the ancient times people have been trying to improve their oratory skills. Thiruvalluvar, ancient Tamil poet, Perikles, Athenian statesman, Aspasia, Perikles' spouse, and many other great people used their oral skills to influence others. Students have an assignment to write argumentative essays to improve their ability to think critically and to find out good proofs. Of course, they need to learn a lot before they start writing their argumentative essays. This article will help you learn the secrets of argumentative essays writing.

There are several stages of argumentative essays writing. If you read them attentively, your chances to write a perfect essay will rise on the new level.

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Stage 1

Logically, it would be nice to define a specific topic. If you have a topic in mind, you need to develop the understanding of it. So, the first step for you is to gather facts and information about the given topic. You may use many resources and of any kind – it may be articles, books, interviews, tables, schemes and other materials. Go to library, search in the Internet, ask your parents or friends for an advice – it may be a funny game for you, just change your opinion to argumentative essays and all imaginary difficulties will disappear.
Stage 2

You are a good student. You may be proud that you have turned everything upside down on your way to knowledge. But now it would be great to define real way, to ascertain what you need from this information indeed. Take out the most memorable arguments and use synonyms to discuss them in your essay.
Stage 3

We have come to the middle stage of writing. Here you begin writing your outline and brief statements of your ideas. It resembles your first draft. Do not be in a hurry. Weight everything carefully and do not argue too passionately, because it is an academic style of writing. Only dry and considerable language is used.
Stage 4

You can read your first attempt to write an essay. Isn’t it difficult to read? Try to correct grammar mistakes and make amendments on style and sentences structure. Color your essay using examples, figures, statistics, tables, pictures and other staff. It will make your essay not only brighter but also more interesting for reading, and it will add importance to your statements.
Stage 5

Everything is done. It seems so. The final revision will not be odd. You should reread your argumentative essay or give it to another person. Only after all of the above described stages are done, argumentative essays are ready for submission.

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