Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay
Narrative Essay

Narrative essay presupposes a student to use narrative or story-telling approach. Narrative essay writing is rather difficult because it is not easy to share your memories and ideas with readers. Here are some tips on writing narrative essays:
narrative essay is written about personal emotions and memories in the form of a story;
narrative essay is a story from the author’s point of view, therefore all elements of telling (such as setting, plot, character, climax and ending) should be met;
narrative essay is written from the first person, using “I”. But in some cases third person (he, she, it) can be used as well;
narrative essay includes certain techniques of telling (such as providing details and vivid images for reader to experience or visualize your story).
narrative essay’s points should be given in the opening part of the essay;
narrative essay may include dialogue part.

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Narrative Essay Tips
A particular achievement. It may be any goal in your life, which was of great importance for you: from getting an excellent grade up to winning a prestigious competition. But remember that this event must be a key point in your telling, so the event should be really interesting and significant.
Your childhood. When we were children, everything seemed important for us, but unfortunately we cannot remember all details. Write about something what you have learnt or experienced in early childhood and how it affected you adult life.
Dream realization. Show your philosophical understanding of your own dream. How do you plan to achieve it? How did this dream emerge?
Narrative Essay Advices

If you are expected to write a narrative essay about the book or article, you should follow these steps:
Decide on the topic related to the article.
Introduce the reader to the specifics of your topic in the opening section.
Write down a specific outline with supporting details
Start writing your narrative essay

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