Writing Descriptive Essays

Writing Descriptive Essays
Writing Descriptive Essays

While writing descriptive essays you should know that language of such essays differs from other essays. Descriptive language can be characterized as structure independence, slow manner of description, unexpected deviations from the topic, association, metaphors, rhetoric devices, possible variations of word-combinations – everything confirms to the style of writing descriptive essays.

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Guidelines for writing descriptive essays
As for the volume requirements for descriptive essay, you should not write a novel or poem making up 15 and more pages. The style of essay is intended to disclose a subject in 1-2 pages. Brevity is the soul of wit, so you should describe something in the short form, but not forgetting about the language specifics.
The structure is the same as for any kind of essay, but while writing descriptive essays you can present your observations in the order you prefer. If you feel that this or that structure is the best for disclosing a subject and readers can understand something better because of specific order, so you can do it, but try to stick to standard structure of essay.
Descriptive essay should present your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and observations
Writing descriptive essays does not imply the scientific language. You should not be confused by the fact that writing descriptive essays is part of study process. You are writing essay; therefore the language should not be pseudo-scientific. Do not apply too much numeric data, analytic calculations and other mathematic data. Your task is to share memories, emotions, and observations rather than to produce a scientific paper.
Be realistic and provide vivid examples from your real life.
What is a purpose of writing descriptive essays?
to develop ability to single out main components of a subject,
to observe typical actions of subjects.
to analyze the specific features.
Writing descriptive essays has two functions:
developing – it develops thinking abilities, ability to mark out the main things.
educative – it trains to be independent in the description, to have own point of view and to be able to give proofs.
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