Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay
Environmental Pollution Essay

The contemporary world is facing one of the crucial challenges that it has ever faced-environmental pollution. An environmental pollution essay needs to look at the cause of environmental pollution after defining what it exactly means.

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An environmental pollution essay should start with the definition. According to Scott Forseman, “Pollution is defined as the addition of any substance or form of energy to the environment at a rate faster than the environment can accommodate it by dispersion, decomposition, recycling, or storage in some harmless form.” Pollution is basically an offshoot of the industrial age and the contamination of industrial wastes as well as emissions from modern forms of transport.
Effects of Environmental Pollution

An environmental pollution essay must comment on the physical, economic as well as political fallout of pollution in which green house gasses are resulting in the phenomenon of global warming that is playing havoc through climatic changes. As a result the world is facing many more storms and forest fires than it ever did- but there is another deadlier side. The spread of dangerous diseases like lung infections and different kinds of cancer are also rampant amongst populations located near polluted areas.
Air Pollution

An environmental pollution essay can be divided in to various segments or paragraphs that can highlight pollution by air, land and water along with the consequences. E.g. “Air pollution involves the release of gases, finely dissolved solids, or liquid aerosols into the atmosphere at rates that exceed the capacity of the atmosphere to dissipate them or to dispose of them through incorporation into solid or liquid layers of the biosphere.” (Newton p. 43).
Water Pollution

When industrial wastes from urban communities are released in to nearby rivers and lakes it tests the ‘biological capacity of aquatic systems’ with the result that water becomes polluted. “When organic materials surpass the capacity of those microorganisms in water that break it down and recycle it, the excess of nutrients blooms to algae (Zipko 12).” Once these algae die they add to the organic wastes that pollute and choke our water supply with a lack of oxygen.
Solutions to Environmental Pollution

An environmental pollution essay should end by offering some possible solutions to contain environmental pollution. The role of NGO’s in spreading awareness amongst different sections of people can contribute to its containment if not control. The governments of the world can also join hands to enforce production ceilings as well as the use of environment friendly fueling options. These are some of the crucial points your environmental pollution essay can be based on and expanded from.

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