Architecture Essay – How To Grab Attention

An architecture essay can grab attention, if it is written with a high degree of understanding of the principles of architecture. Students have to begin by becoming good academic writers first and apply their knowledge of architecture to writing about it. The process requires using imagination and the unique ability to convert visual ideas into the text format. There are many ways to go about it.
• Prepare the introduction like you would any other custom essay. It would contain the thesis statement, which highlights the most important idea a writer wishes to convey to readers. It is the starting point where the idea has to reach a definite audience. In this case, it would be a description of a visual treat that is bound to attract many readers. The same thought process would continue further on in the essay. If the description does not present a pictorial viewpoint, not many readers would be attracted towards the essay.
• It would be pertinent to ask questions to ensure that the statement does present a pictorial viewpoint. Readers would have several questions related to understanding the concept being presented. Make a list of questions related to the topic and then answer all of them through the thesis statement. Make sure you spend quality time asking relevant questions about the topic.
• Make an attempt to explain any idea you have within the essay in short sentences. The attempt should always be to present a pictorial view. So be concise and to the point. Let the readers use their imagination and get a mental picture of what is being conveyed. This is possible, if the idea is presented in a logical sequence consisting of short sentences. Think of the essay not as a research paper but a story that builds up slowly.
• Research exhaustively and present information that answers the questions you have listed out. Architecture is a blend of art and engineering. Readers understand that architecture demands precision. So try and stay within the topic and do not let the essay drift away. The methodology is simple. Once you have listed out the questions, answer each question in a separate paragraph within the body of the essay. Again, present a pictorial view for each answer.
• A piece of art takes shape through the artist’s efforts to express his or her thoughts into it. People understand the piece by following the different patterns formed in sequence. Similarly, while writing an architecture essay, make sure that all the ideas combine logically and cohesively to support the thesis statement. Each idea should evolve as an extension of the previous idea. All the ideas should then combine to create a mental picture to be presented to readers.
• Quote examples that readers can understand easily. Think of it as an art essay. You have the advantage of using pictures, photographs, drawings, blueprints, sketches, or any pictorial representation that would make understanding easy. Learn to use them at the appropriate places within the essay, especially at the point where you find it difficult to explain to readers in words.
• An architecture essay should have presented the complete picture in the conclusion of the essay. Readers would have gone through a short journey putting the pieces together while reading the essay. Finally, when the conclusion reiterates what was said earlier in the essay, readers would be able to identify and summarize the presentation. You would have succeeded in writing an effective essay.
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