Process Essay

Process Essay
Process Essay
The purpose of process essays writing is to deepen the knowledge of students, develop their cognitive activity, and form a creative approach to problem solving necessary for professional activities of the future specialist. Process essays on pedagogy, sociology, political science, finance, and so on is the first independent creative students’ work, which requires certain knowledge and skills. Work on the process essay promotes the better understanding of the basic principles of the discipline and the formation of professional knowledge among students in the definite specialty. Below you may find some ideas that you are free to develop in your process essay.

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Process Essay Ideas
1. What is the importance of studying (understanding) the history of political thought for modern people?
2. What is the common and distinct political thought in the Ancient East and Ancient Greece?
3. What did Plato, Aristotle, Cicero think about private property? Why?
4. What are specific prescriptions of ancient democracy used in modern political life?
5. Compare the political processes of the Renaissance in Western Europe from today situation in America?
6. What are organic political views of the representatives of utopian socialism? What are the common idea, in your opinion, are contained in their writings?
7. Views of whose thinkers are closer to life: N. Machiavellian, T. Moor, and T. Campanella? Why?
8. What role did the Enlightenment play in the development of political thought in Europe and America?
9. What new did Marxism introduce in the understanding of political life? Where do you see the origins (causes) of the crisis of Marxism in our time? Explain your position by means of facts of modern political process.
10. Political thought in America in the XIX: General and special.
Process Essay on Ethnos and Ethnicity
1. What is ethnicity?
2. Basic approaches to the definition of «Ethnos» and «Ethnicity»:
- natural, social trends;
- constructivism;
- instrumentalism;
3. The concepts of ethnicity.
4. The historical stages in the development of the ethnic group.
5. Classification of ethnic groups.
6. Anthropological classification.
7. Racism: History & Theory.

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