Personal Essays

Personal Essays
Personal Essays

If you are assigned to write a personal essay, it does not mean that you may submit “a laundry list” covering all aspects of your life about the specific subject. You need to satisfy the attention and curiosity of your readers by presenting them to the vivid example, piece of your life rather than trying to cover all moments starting with your birth and first steps you have made. Despite of the chosen topic, you need to watch for the following:

· Emotions (Your personal essay is personal and, therefore, should be narrative, descriptive and emotional)

· Personal (You may write a good personal essay about a president, but you must related the content to your own life)

· Focused (You should not try to focus on every aspect of your life, choose one and explore it in detail)

Goals to Achieve

· Show (your personal essay should show the topic; use vivid examples)

· Recognize (your personal essay should be critical and alive rather than dry)

· Focus (isolate one theme from the rest of your life)

Personal Essays 8.2 of 10 on the basis of 3607 Review.