Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive Essay Writing
Persuasive Essay Writing
You have opened a new document in the MS Office Word and watch the cursor blinking. Several attempts to write something turned out a complete failure. It seems a five year old child would write a persuasive essay better than you.

Probably, you need someone to give you a useful piece of advice on how to succeed in persuasive essay writing. If this is exactly the situation you find yourself in at the moment, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find useful hints for persuasive essay writing that will help you make an excellent paper without problems.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 1

Before you actually start your persuasive essay writing process, you need to decide what position to take on a certain problem, what perspective to consider it from. Think whether you should criticize the common opinion on the problem, whether you agree, or disagree with it.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 2

During the process of persuasive essay writing, it is essential to mind the reader. First, analyze what the reader’s reaction to your argument might be. Thus, you will show the direction to move in, you will find out the shortest way to win the reader and persuade him/her successfully.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 3

Collect enough evidences to prove that your point of view is the only correct. Make use of facts, examples, statistics, and quotations of some famous people. These are the most effective means of persuasion that will certainly help you succeed in persuasive essay writing.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 4

Organize your ideas. It is also important to arrange your thoughts in a proper order if you do not want to sound illogical. Think what issues you may mention and in what order they should be arranged.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 5

Start your persuasive essay writing with the introductory part. Introduce the problem, give the historical background of it, and finally, present your thesis statement. Try to make your intro catchy by including a scandal fact, impressive quotation, or a question to the reader. Thus, you are sure to arouse his/her interest.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 6

Create the body of your paper. Present several viewpoints and backup them with examples and evidences.

Persuasive essay writing: Step 7

Summarize what you have said, restate your thesis statement and the most impressive arguments in this part of your paper.

So, if you do not know how to organize your work properly, the guidelines given above will certainly help you make it well and get the highest grade on your essay. Do not forget to review tips on persuasive essay format, read argumentative essay sample, and look through guidelines on writing argumentative essays about prejudice in higher education!

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