Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative Research Paper
Argumentative Research Paper

Writing an argumentative research paper is similar to writing an argumentative essay in which you have to present your standpoint on a problem and bring together proofs to backup your position. However, one should distinguish between research paper and essay writing in order to understand the very gist of argumentative research paper.

An argumentative research paper requires more research, more scientific work as well as more analysis. It is quite natural, since an argumentative research paper is the first step towards your independent research. Usually, teachers require from students to use more sources for writing an argumentative research paper (general, from 3 to 5 sources are required). Still, this demand may be changed by a tutor.

The first thing you need to know about an argumentative research paper is how to structure it. Well, follow the following as the basis for your own argumentative research paper:
- Introduction – where you have to introduce the subject and the object of your investigation as well as to present your position;
- Literature Review – where you should give the historical context of the subject under consideration. Who of the famous researchers has ever discussed this topic in his/her works? From what angle?
- Data Presentation – where you have to present several opposing positions to the problem along with the arguments supporting them;
- Analysis and Discussion – where you need to disprove opposing viewpoints and persuade the audience that your standpoint is better than any other one and give your proofs;
- Conclusions – where you sum up what you have said and make the final conclusion on the research conducted.

At a glance, writing an argumentative research paper may seem a bit intimidating especially if you face it for the first time in your life. Still, with a bit of efforts and our tips for writing you can fill this gap:
- Experiment with your thesis statements;
- Avoid emotions;
- Support each of your assumptions with an example taken from a valid source;
- Cite your sources while writing your argumentative research paper, not after it is completed;
- Avoid banal clichés like “I firmly believe that”, “In conclusion”, “In addition”, etc.

Now, we guess a bit of argumentative research paper topics will also be right in time for you:
- Human Trafficking and Slavery;
- School Violence and Possible Solutions to It;
- Students Under Stress;
- Teenage Suicide;
- Prostitution Debate;
- Kids in Prison.

Make sure the one chosen of the argumentative research paper topics given above corresponds to your tutor’s requirements before you start researching it. Review free persuasive essay about teen pregnancy to learn more about argumentative essay writing and to generate great persuasive essay ideas for your own writing. Also, you should keep in mind an opportunity to order professional essay writing services at our site! We know how to write great essays from scratch!

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