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The focus of your essay title should be to attract readers. It has to be compelling enough to get readers interested in the essay. There are some who know how to reach an audience effectively, while others struggle to understand basic requirements of a good title. The fact is that unless you get the title right, there is very little chance readers would be interested in the essay. Look at it this way. If you did not understand what you were going to read, would you go ahead and read it? There have been instances where a lot many readers were interested in one essay but just did not read other essays by the same writer. The difference, obviously, was the title.
The title should tell readers what they would like to know. This would seem difficult, especially when it cannot extend to more than a sentence. There is a method involved here. Think about essay topics. What is it that you are trying to convey to readers? Once you have decided what the message is, collect ideas that would support this message. The title would consist of the main point to be conveyed across to readers. For example, your topic could be “How To Quit Smoking.” The message is self explanatory and thus the title would contain it as it is. Add a twist to it. The title could be “How to quit smoking just by following one simple non-intrusive method.” This would interest readers.
When you use an effective title, the job is half done. Using the same example shown above, describe the message elaborately in the body of the essay. Research has to be sound. You would have thought of all the points to be conveyed to readers in the essay outline. The patch used to quit smoking would be the nicotine patch, a common transdermal patch that releases nicotine into the body. Smokers then lose the urge to smoke. Elaborate on how it is to be taken, the side effects, and other details collected through meticulous research. In other words, you are the expert on the subject. Readers would love to know such detailed information about a topic.
Essay writing is a skill that requires practice. Writing good essay titles should be part of the practice sessions. When you write an essay, begin with a brainstorming session trying to relate to your audience. What would be the one most important element readers would like to know about the topic? After you are decided what it is, make sure you include it in the title without giving out details. Generate curiosity and interest. Introducing controversial information in the title is not bad either, provided you can back it up with solid evidence or data.
Take the example of a length research paper. Readers interested in it would be students, fellow researchers, or people who are interested in knowing about new technology or developments. Your essay title should relate to this audience first. If the title is very interesting, you may find many more readers interest in it, especially if it contains breakthrough information. Be imaginative and bold in the approach taken, and you would have written a compelling and informative essay title.
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