Chicago Essay – Describing An Architectural Beauty And More

A Chicago essay cannot be complete without a description of its architectural beauty. Forbes has rated it among the top 25 tourist destinations in America. Rumor has it that a cow kicked over a lantern to start the Great Chicago Fire on Oct. 08, 1871, which destroyed the city leaving over 90,000 homeless. The city was reborn as a modern architectural beauty in just 50 years after it was destroyed. It is where the modern skyscraper was born, and students interested in next generation architecture must visit the city.
Most of Chicago’s streets in 1871 were made of wood leading to the fire that destroyed it. Since then, it has been developed beyond recognition. MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index named it the fourth most important business center in the world. In 2008, it ranked 16th among the world’s richest cities on the UBS list. An essay on its history connecting its past with its vibrant present would make fascinating reading.
Navy Pier, a landmark pier on Lake Michigan, has been a tourist attraction for over 10 years with its rides and attractions, hundreds of free shows and other entertainment, exhibition and shopping centers, fireworks show, and dinner cruises. Don’t miss the 90-minute cruise on Tall Ship Windy, a 148-foot, four-masted schooner built on the lines of a traditional American schooner. Get a close view of the skyscrapers along the lake during the cruise.
A Chicago essay from a student’s point of view would be incomplete with a mention of its several universities, including the University of Chicago, which is ranked among the world’s top ten. The city has been the world’s center of higher education and research. The Art Institute of Chicago is among the great art museums of the world exhibiting artifacts from 3,000 B.C. and beyond. Incorporate an art essay highlighting your visit to this institute in your term paper.
Chicago is the third largest inter-modal port in the world. Six major railroads run across it. It allows about one-third of all freight trains in USA to pass through it. In fact, the congestion created on account of being this center of commercial activity has made the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency announce a major $1.5 billion initiative to curb congestion.
The beauty of the city with its emphasis on great architecture is further enhanced with its parks and sporting events. Its largest park, Lincoln Park, covers 1,200 acres and plays host to over 20 million visitors every year. Who can forget Michael Jordan who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships.
Barack Obama calls this city his home. Blessed with stunning architecture, lakes, rivers, and world-famous museums, students can really get a first-hand view of how human endeavor can raise the standards of good living to a level of envy. Known worldwide as the home of genuine blues music, Chicago’s musical tradition has forever changed the music scene in USA. Writing several essays on Chicago is easily possible. If you need recent information or a writer’s point of view, buy essays from reliable content providers who have experienced writers that can provide great content for your Chicago essay.
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