MLA Essay – Fundamentals and Tips

A MLA essay is written in the Modern language association (MLA) format, a standard format for writing essays and research papers related to arts, humanities and social sciences. The MLA style of writing is quite popular and reference books and online resources are available that can help learn a great deal about the writing style.
• Research papers can be written in both the popular forms of writing, namely the MLA style or the APA (American Psychological Association) style. Both are distinctive in their own right but also have a lot in common. Adapting to either one of them is easy but requires a bit of practice. It depends on the direction provided to you within your study program. After you have adapted to the MLA style of writing you will realize it has many advantages. Of course, that does not go to say that writing an APA essay would be more difficult. Some advantages of using the MLA style are listed below.
• The generic guidelines are easy to follow and can be easily incorporated in a word processor. The recommended font used is the Times New Roman with a font size of 12. With a margin of 1” on all sides, the page size can be easily set to the required 8”X11” format with double spaced text. A MLA essay should be written with the first line of each paragraph indented 1” from the left margin. The pages can be numbered on the top right margin.
• It is easy to avoid plagiarism. All original works of authors can be traced back to the source by using citations in the text of the essay. You can use any number of citations related to your topic and in context. For easy reference, the list of citations is made available at the end of the research paper or essay on a separate page. This feature is also available in an APA style essay.
• The MLA style of writing provides consistency in representation. The general format of describing art and humanities is easily established with this style of writing. In fact, citations used for abstracts, annual reports, interviews, lectures, newspapers, surveys, source books, and other works can be easily used and understood.
• Footnotes and end notes are both used to link up with the referenced sources to give credit for the summarized or paraphrased information. The advantage of using both is that footnotes can be used numerically at the foot of the every page whenever citations appear within the text on that page, whereas very end notes appear only at the end of an essay on a separate page. This method offer instant reference points for each page as well as for the whole essay.
• There are various free sources on the internet that provide detailed information on how to use the MLA style of writing. Essay writing can be made very easy if you spend some time following the style guide. Online university libraries and research guides allow students to access password-driven databases. Access to such information is usually provided by colleges. Workbooks and online exercises help in getting you familiar with the style.
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As you can see, writing a MLA essay is really quite easy.

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