Develop Your Own Essay Cover Page Format

An essay cover page format very often decides how serious a student is in writing an essay or dissertation. Readers are always impressed by an impressive cover page. Once they are introduced to a topic via the internet or the print media, the cover page would give them an idea if a writer is professional or not. The first impression often generates interest that is sustained throughout the length of the essay, but if they are put off by the cover itself they might opt not to read the essay.
• Be it an academic essay or a business essay, the cover page is very important. It forms part of research that a writer undertakes to complete an essay. Presentation forms an integral part of assessment. Tutors harp on this aspect as even a well written essay might get overlooked on account of presenting it in an ordinary package. Scholarly writing is no more just serious writing meant for a select few. If you are not able to convey the message through to readers through an essay cover page, you would have failed in analyzing the needs of your readers. Some aspects you need to keep in mind while creating essay cover pages are as given below.
• Use the same format you would use for the inner pages of your essay. Your curriculum would have specified the format you would have to use. Maintain that throughout the essay. You could refer to essay examples given to you.
• Decide on the mandatory text locations first. For example, the essay cover page format would be such that it would include a student’s name and date clearly. The title of the essay would be center-aligned and the font size would depend on the total content you would use in the cover. Other essentials that need to be included would be the course you are attending, the school or college name. If you are attending a four-year course, you could mention the year in which you are currently studying.
• Suppose you are writing an art essay, it becomes obvious that a lot of thought would have to be given to the cover page. Artists have the additional responsibility of creating pleasing and highly artistic pages. The cover page automatically attracts art lovers who would expectantly browse through the inner pages looking for creative art essays.
• Similarly, when you write a construction essay, the topic might involve a lot of technical jargon and might elaborate on a highly technical subject within the essay, but readers appreciate a good cover page. For example, if you add great-looking architectural buildings on the cover page, irrespective of the topic, a reader would naturally expect to read about either a new real estate project or a review of technicalities used in a building project in the essay.
• Custom written essays give you the liberty to introduce whatever you wish on the cover. You need to use your imagination here and blend text with graphics to create an immediate impact on readers. They need to understand exactly what they would find in the inside pages by looking at the cover. This would test your skills in writing and graphical representation. If you keep working at it, you would not have any problem generating the right blend.
Follow these simple guidelines and incorporate other tips you would have picked up from tutors to create an essay cover page format that you could use for all the essays you write.
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