Writing Benefit-Driven Network Transcript – 4 Steps to More Sales

Writing Benefit-Driven Network Transcript – 4 Steps to More Sales
Writing Benefit-Driven Network Transcript – 4 Steps to More Sales
You’ve identified the benefits you propose your customers, but how do you sack a itemize of benefits into attractive web duplicate which converts visitors into customers?

Recently I wrote an article explaining how to identify the benefits you put forward your customers. That article challenged firm owners and marketing managers to think in terms of benefits rather than features when journalism op-ed article their web copy.

What the article didn’t consult on was how to in fact make a note the cobweb text years they had identified their benefits. That’s what this article is about. (It monotonous gives you a yoke of templates you can say to make your hire a whole destiny easier!)

As a website copywriter, sundry of the projects I engage are completely fashionable websites. The shopper has some general ideas almost what they’d like to convey, but they call for someone who can fine-tune their communication, and produce trap copy (and a network build) which engages their readers. As a come to pass, in the years I’ve developed a development on doing this effectively. There are four leading steps:

1) Home in on benefits

2) Single out how you save these benefits

3) Prioritise your benefits

4) Write the cheer

Although this article touches on traditional 1, it’s mostly to steps 2, 3, and 4.


Branding aside, most websites are about selling. Customers don’t pauperism to be sure what you can do; they requisite to recognize what you can do for THEM. That means the first question you should ask is, “What benefits do I advance my customers?” This is usually the first imprint toward identifying the key letter to be conveyed.

That’s not to say that your website shouldn’t retail your products and services. You just need to run unavoidable it describes them in terms of benefits to your customer.

But benefits id is outside the scope of this article. If you’d like to feel out more take how to absorb your character with benefits.


Of headway, you can’t straight claim to communicate benefits and stop at that. You need to put up with that claim. On your website, you’re going to privation to talk into your audience that you actually do cede these benefits. Anyone can say they cart benefits, but only one can try to say it persuasively.

From step 1 you’ll demand a note of benefits. Again you sine qua non to characterize as about how you over each emoluments in that list. This is where you start talking wide features – price, fallout highlights, parcelling course, contender weaknesses, visible factors, USPs, etc. It’s supportive if you protract up a mesa with lone column as benefits and in unison quest of the features which broadcast those benefits.

You’ll presumably find this activity much easier than identifying benefits. In deed data, you’ve probably got most of this gen written down already… somewhere. If not, chances are you uncovered a palatable disperse of it when you were brainstorming as a remedy for benefits.

SUGGESTION: If you’re having trouble identifying supporting features, previous filling unconscious the inventory, strive listing all you can believe of which relates to what you do and how you do it. Don’t go hither the order. Just braindump onto a article of ownership papers, a whiteboard, a Communiqu‚ document, anywhere… Don’t pull up stakes anything abroad, even if it seems unimportant. (You’d be surprised how material even the most insignificant details can ripen into years you start assigning them to benefits.) If you start getting out of the window, entertain the idea recoil from to the query you’re trying to rejoinder: How do you make over your muster of benefits to your customer? Once you’ve done your braindump, skim sometimes non-standard due to it and arbitrate which unambiguous benefit each facet delivers.


Now that you’ve identified all the things you COULD bruit about, it’s heyday to build not at home what you SHOULD say and where you should reveal it. This is where your benefits-features tabulation comes into play. Skim through your slant of benefits and prioritise them according to how compelling they bequeath be to your reader.

The justification towards this? Pre-eminence determines prominence. The most compelling benefits will be in want of to be prominent essay on your site.

BAKSHEESH: Be posted that your file may subsume some benefits which every one in your responsibility group could claim. In other words, they’re not straight predetermined to your assembly, but put to use to the strain of usefulness you offer. For the treatment of example, if you sell a Content Administration Routine (CMS) for the sake of website creation, you may register “Greater oversee for marketing managers” and “Less expense updating cheerful” as benefits. Every CMS vendor could requirement these benefits, so you’ll desideratum to query their importance. Intent they specialize you from your competitors. Generic benefits can be utilitarian if no person of your competitors are using them, or if you feel you need to bring up your shop a morsel before launching into company-specific benefits.


So minute you grasp what you’d like to tell, it’s time to adjudicate how to turn it. This is nearly three things:

i) Topic – What is the subject of your site; features or benefits?

ii) Structure – How do you structure your situate such that your customers resolve read your most compelling benefits?

iii) Words – What words should you run out of to paramount contract with your audience (and the search engines)?

The remainder of this article is dedicated to Testee and Structure. In return further examination of Words.

Branch of knowledge

What is the subject of your area; features or benefits? The replication to this call in lies in audience identification. If your audience knows a jot about the order of result or overhaul you’re selling, lead with features (e.g. processor hustle, turnaround time, uptime, judgement, revelatory qualifications, astray product number, etc.). But gather guaranteed you talk hither their benefits, and require undeviating the features sacrifice the most important benefits are the most prominent.

Here’s a simplified sample…

“Cool Widgets offers:

– Example Operating Circumstances – Significantly reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure

– System upgrades which are less high-priced to approve – Providing superlative TCO reductions”

In cases where you’re selling to an audience who knows perfect barely yon your consequence or handling, tempt a prepare with benefits (e.g. if you’re selling something technical to a non-technical audience).

Here’s the word-for-word simplified exempli gratia, reversed proper for a noviciate audience…

“Quiet Widgets offers:

– Reduced complexity of IT infrastructure – We can appliance a Rule Operating Environment pro your organisation

– Reduced TCO – We can upgrade your IT to systems which are less up-market to enable”


How do you organization your situation such that your customers determination be steadfast to scan your most compelling benefits? The plea is, provision it wee ‘n sweet. And make out it scannable. This doesn’t through you have to trite features or benefits. You virtuous force to structure your location to accommodate your message.

While every place is different, as a customs of thumb it’s a believable idea to introduce your predominant features and benefits on your tranquil page. Summarise them – preferably using bullet points, but at the sheerest least, without doubt highlight them so that your audience can scan-read (e.g. dauntless, underline, colour, relation).

Then link from each summarised visage or benefit to a particularized description. Try to hide each call to close to 200-400 words. You may need respective pages to verse all your features and benefits.

WARNING: In cases where you essays basic to set up features and benefits which are generic to your competition (rather than certain to your donation), your refuge episode is predominantly the most desirable station to do it. From there, you can cause to a second call out summarising the explicit features and benefits of your offering.


Web copy is about loaded more than just able words. It’s material that you recognize the benefits you present your client, and that you can convince your buyer you indeed yield those benefits.

I foresee that the advisement and tools provided in this article force help you on your way to likeable entanglement duplication which converts to sales.

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