How To Present Your Strong Views About A Crucible Essay

A crucible essay brings to light the choices that humans have in life and how it can waver based on mass hysteria and controversy. “The Crucible” by Aurthur Miller brings in mystery and relates how justice is meted out based on moral values practiced at the time. Innocent people accused of witchcraft are led to a gory death. The mysterious circumstances connected to their death depict the uncertainty and rituals that glorify injustice. The play is based on the historical events that took place in the 1600s involving the Salem witch trials and also Arthur Miller’s experiences in the mid 1900s with the Red Scare.
The play leaves a lot of questions unanswered and room for debate. Unlike a drama essay where you can harp on melodramatic events that glorify the play and its characters, in this play you have to project more on the mystery and sad ending resulting in the death of innocent citizens. You would have strong viewpoints which should be able to highlight the wrong that was committed in spite of the mystery shrouding it. Treat it like an illustration essay and depict it with pictures.
Characters like Elizabeth and John form an intrinsic part of the play. The characteristics displayed throughout the play and the way it evolves can be well represented in the form of cause and effect essay topics. Knowing more about the play and its characters would help in analyzing these characters and give you more input about unraveling the mysterious circumstances that surrounded the characters involved at the time.
When you pick such controversial essay topics like these, you have to try and cover the whole story. The latter part of the play deals with the Red Scare episode that caused mass hysteria among the citizens of Salem. The comparison made by Arthur Miller between the two events gives enough content for essay writers to elaborate and compare between the events. The Salem witch trials are blended with fictitious characters that disturb the tranquility that existed in the place. Situations that are created and actions taken based on fear and suspicion that is brought to the fore in this play.
If you were to analyze the story like in an analysis essay, it would take a lot of character and courage on your part to make a strong balanced view on the play. It all starts in the forest when an innocent incident of girls found dancing leads to mass hysteria in the whole town. How you depict this incident relative to modern times is important. Can such incidents occurs today, and if it did, can you compare it with the play?
There are many such situations in the play that you can exploit to write your crucible essay. Just keep at it, read the whole story or play, and then make a balanced judgment on the events that took place. If you come to your own conclusion about the whole episode, make your point with arguments and justify it within the essay. Your summary should not introduce any new comments. This would be possible if you justify all the arguments you place within the essay.
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