The Essence Of A Philosophy Essay

A philosophy essay has always had a powerful effect on people to respond to certain questions that society posed as a problem. Situations arise suddenly to affect the fabric of society in a way that people react spontaneously following a pattern that evokes behavior that is deep rooted. Interpersonal relations are based on trust and social norms which have been set through the ages. Though not directly observable, we can see the effects when mass hysteria comes into play over an event or situation among one set of people compared to no reaction at all among another set maybe in another area or country. An economics essay often highlights behavioral changes on account of the economic situation prevalent in a country.
We have to learn from the animal and insects, which always show predictable behavior patterns and demonstrate predictable behavior over their life span. The social order among them dictate the kind of social behavior we find even among us humans. Humans react differently with different people. The word “connect” is often used to distinguish why we tend to speak more to one person and try to avoid another. There are many reasons for such behavior, and a sociology essay would be able to highlight such issues quite effectively.
Working around problems is something one learns through experience. You can either give up and stop facing a problem or face it in a way that is accepted by society as an appropriate solution to a problem. There is disparity among people based on the amount of wealth one has, beliefs, and certain social norms imbibed in a person since childhood. You cannot do away with these easily. So the next best thing is to accept a social fabric that recognizes the merits each of these factors can bring into our lives. Essay writers often highlight the disparity boldly, but behavioral changes in society are felt after a very long time.
Adapting to changes in a social order is a matter of debate and has been spoken of for quite some time. The legal system of a country dictates and symbolizes bold changes when it has to be incorporated into society. Sometimes, the reaction is violent, especially in the case of religious beliefs. Other sensitive issues relate to adaptability on account of pollution control and protecting forest cover. These are issues that display tolerance levels in society. For example, a social work essay could bring to our notice an event that demonstrated how a large section of people planted trees in their neighborhood. This is a practical situation which needs the mindset of people to adapt to changes.
A political essay very often talks about controversial issues that evoke debate among people. Many essay questions are posed to readers about how they would react to certain situations that arise suddenly and without warning affecting old customs and beliefs. Reactions are fast and furious and often retraction from a solution offered for the problem or situation seems only logical. You should attempt your philosophy essay considering all these factors without compromising on what you wish to convey to people.
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