Step To Take Before An Essay Analysis

Essay analysis is normally conducted after one has finished an essay or has to analyze the work of another writer. It can sometimes be a bit intimidating if the essay to be analyzed is written by a much more experienced writer. It is easy if the topic is structured on a theory or event that can be defined easily. The challenge comes in when you have to analyze literary work like poetry or any other non-fiction literature. It does seem a daunting task, doesn’t it? There are ways to go about analyzing any essay. Here are a few of them that you could create into a system for yourself.
• Get familiar with the topic. Forgetting a bit of theory in school or college is quite common, especially if you have been introduced to it a while ago. Once you are familiar with the topic under discussion, debating on points or understanding what is being said becomes easy. Examples and quotes start making sense to you, and the process of essay analysis becomes a reality.
• Read the essay several times and refer to an essay guide brushing up on how to write an essay. Once you are familiar with the essay and the way it has been written, you can compare it to a standard listed out in the guide or what you have been taught in school or college. This is the easy way of assessing the essay without trying to brush off the creative talent of a person.
• Instead of viewing an essay with just one angle, it would be better if you could compare it with another essay. This enables you to break up the essay into parts and then analyze it based on whether in fulfills the criteria you expect. For example, if a point appealed to you in the essay, you could compare it with another essay on the same topic and check out the viewpoint held in the comparative essay. You could jot down the merits and demerits of either essay for further reference.
• Just as you could compare one essay with another, you could discuss the essay to be analyzed with another student or friend. This would stimulate a discussion on the merits and demerits of the essay, and you would be able to appreciate another viewpoint that could help you analyze the essay better. It is important to remember at this stage that most essays, especially literary essay are often written b individuals who hold a personal point of view on a subject which is naturally expressed in an essay. Your analysis has to be balanced, and you should take this fact into account.
• Once you get familiar with what a good essay on the topic should be like, make an outline of the essay you would have written. It need not be too long, but you should strive to include all the relevant points that were missing in the essay, which you would have included. A student essay should incorporate elements of what has been covered in the curriculum for a particular topic.
• Pay a lot of attention to the language used in the essay. Do you think it was edited well? Did you find too many errors in sentence structure or grammar? These are aspects which can create confusion among readers who are used to the understanding a language in a particular manner. If readers do not find it to be an informative essay, they would stop reading it.
Consider the points we have covered before you head into an essay analysis, and you would be able to come up with a very structured and mature analysis.
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