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Animal farm essays talk about ideas, emotions, politics, and finding answers in the midst of chaos and power crisis. It is often difficult to find answers to our problems because of preconceived ideas. We are not able and willing to face the obvious answer that stares us in the face. If we introspect after reading the book, it is easy to realize that one should stick to simplicity in trying to find answers. Power corrupts in a way that is difficult to come back from and see through deceit.
The book Animal Farm talks about how power vested in the hands of pigs can corrupt the whole atmosphere around the farm and describes how stupidity clouds reasonable thinking. The other animals in the farm reach their lowest levels of reasoning due to the persuasion skills of pigs. Napoleon is a pig who learns to use power and persuasion skills to get what he wants around the farm. The other animals in the farm slowly start losing their identity and ability to think positively.
Old Major reasons at the beginning of the story that equality is what all the animals in the farm should aim for. This, he feels, would not be possible if there is no rebellion against Mr. Jones, a human being. The story gathers in plot and after the rebellion, a government is formed by the animals called “animalism.” The distorted idealism of Old Major does not impress the pigs and Napoleon with Snowball take charge of “animalism.”
The book is a lesson to all of us with its suggestion that idealism is good while it lasts. In modern society, equality has no place and the powerful will dominate the poor in spirit. Human beings with their interfering nature will all tend to be in the thick of things. You should get the right essay help in trying to understand the symbolism depicted in the story. It is very much what prevails in modern society. Symbols like the farmhouse itself, the seven commandments, and the windmill indicate how manipulation and power can be used to get things which did not seem possible to attain just a short while ago. The power of language is used well like in an English essay or a Macbeth essay.
Power corrupts people, and this is very well depicted in the book where pigs break every rule in the book to get what they wanted. The simple but unusual behavior of pigs where they drink alcohol and covet the pleasures of human beings by trading with them are all symbols of the persuasion skills adapted by pigs over the other animals in the farm. Think of a sociology essay and use the same yardstick you would use when talking of code of conduct in a civilized society.
Society has created a code of conduct followed by us humans for a very long time. Every time we hear of some code being broken, we tend to be judgmental without actually seeking a solution. Animal farm essays have got the scope to project these deficiencies which humans have in not being able to see through power struggles. When I write my essay on any topic related to this wonderful book, I would consider bringing about change in society with a strong message. Just as it does not seem logical for pigs.
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