Online Competitions Opportunity for Drawing, Fiction Writing

Online Competitions Opportunity for Drawing, Fiction Writing
Online Competitions Opportunity for Drawing, Fiction Writing
Fiction writing

Fiction is writing that includes imaginary characters, events and/or settings created by the writer. A fiction writer should be an extensive reader. The writer must attempt to read fiction not only from the type he/she prefers to write, but also the types in which he/she has not explored.

Types of Fiction Writing

Traditionally there are two types of fiction writing

Category- It also referred as ‘genre’. In this type of stories we can categorize distinct theme in fiction. Examples are: science, westerns, adventure, historical, romance, erotica, suspense, fantasy, mystery, and war stories.

Mainstream-These stories are aimed at the widest possible audience and typically deal with most aspects of modern life including relationships, careers, and the search for success and fulfillment.

Elements of effective fiction writing

Theme- Theme is the main idea or meaning behind a story. It is a theoretical refinement of the story. A clear theme makes a story successful.

Characters &ndashCharacters are the main effective elements in any story. Most stories consist of experience or events of people and some consists of animals. Each new character adds a new dimension to the story, so characters should be introduced early in the story. The more often a character is mentioned or appears the more significance the reader will attach to the character.

Plot- Plot is the skeleton form of a story that holds the entire story together. It is the related series of events that are arranged to form a story. It usually consists of a conflict, climax and resolution. The plot also may include subplots that are part of or subordinate to the main plot. The plots and subplots are broken into scenes, which are pieces of the story showing the action of one event.

Setting- It includes the place and time in which the story takes place. The setting should be described in specifics to make the story seems real. The setting of the story should have atmosphere, mood and the limitations on the characters.

Style- Style is the writer’s use of the language. A clear, concise and precise writing attracts the reader. A combination of good story and good writing makes a fiction writer successful.

Dialogue -The dialogue is the speech of characters. The form of dialogue should be varied to keep the reader interested. Dialogue should be used to develop character or to advance the story.

These elements provide writers with a standard guideline and sense of organization in their fiction. Fiction writers utilize these elements to effect their readers’ perceptions of their writing.

Improve your skills

Fiction writing ability does not come naturally to everyone. Fiction writing can be a difficult field to hold a career. It requires hard work with an emphasis on creativity, hours of revision and editing before a final piece of writing.

Fiction writing helps to develop:

• Creativity and Sense of Imagination

• Writing Talent

• Networking

• Self-promotion

• Working Individually

• Determination and Competitive Nature

So if you have effective imagination in writing and want to showcase your talent, you can join a competition and can send your sample fiction writing copy to various onsite competitions. To know more about the competition you can visit our site

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