Design An Effective Essay Cover Page

An essay cover page gives writers a presentation medium when approaching an online audience or for submission to assessors. It is not compulsory to use a cover page for an essay or dissertation, but the value it presents in terms of visual appeal cannot be ignored. There are a few steps you would have to take when designing one for your essay.
The cover page has to include your name as the author. Think of a journalism essay. When you find out that a particular article has been written by your favorite writer or someone you have heard of, you are inclined to read the article in expectancy. The content then takes over. That is how important it becomes for you to use your name on the cover. In time you would also be popular if you continue writing useful essays.
More importantly, the title should be very compelling making it impossible for readers to ignore. It is probably the most important statement you would present to readers. The title should convey what your essay would provide. Highlight the benefits and information that a reader would get on reading your essay. Be imaginative and think like a reader as to what exactly you would expect to find when you read your own essay.
A geography essay or an art essay would be more visual with pictures depicting what is to be conveyed. When you design your essay cover page, do not forget to enter reference information for students. You need to specify for which semester or year you would be submitting your essay for.
Another aspect you have to keep in mind is that the subject has to be highlighted in the cover page. When you write a finance essay or a political essay, the topic or subject matter cannot be vague. The best way to go about it is to highlight the topic containing words which specify the subject. For example, in a political essay, you could write the subject matter as “Politics in UK.” This is more specific than just “Politics.” Your headline can elaborate more on the subject matter or topic.
If you are writing a student essay, make a reference of the assessor’s name. This is protocol as well as ready reference when an essay is presented. You could also mention the name of the college or university as the case may be. This would normally be specified to students at the time when the assignment was given to you.
With modern technology at your disposal, spend some time on designing a neat-looking page. This would indicate how much importance you give to your essay. When you write for an online audience do not think of free essays. Your essay would find a suitable audience if you are keen to present it to them. Content is king over the internet, and that would include pictures, audio and video.
Make your essay as attractive as you can. Design your essay cover page as best as you can. Use all the freely available sources at your disposal, and you would be pleasantly surprised how many people would love to read the rest of the essay.

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