Macbeth Essay Topics You Can Opt For

Macbeth essay topics would generally test your knowledge about the play. Topics could be selected from the various acts or you could write about a particular character that fascinated you. This is a compelling masterpiece that details flaws in the character of Macbeth and how power can mislead a powerful hero and lead him to a fate that he finds unable to avoid.
Macbeth is a tragic hero. Unlike the love story you probably have written in a Romeo and Juliet essay, this hero wavers in his path to glory and bends his moral standards to attain power by using wrong means. This fills him with guilt that he finds difficult to deal with and finally meets with a tragic end. The character is powerful in what he achieves on the battlefield but helpless in what he perceives as the means to achieve further success. This could make a very good topic for you to write on.
The fear of being excluded from heaven creates disturbing thoughts in Macbeth. What controls his mind when he decides to murder Duncan is another area you could delve on. Each essay is different when it comes to the classics. For example, an Othello essay could be a review of the play’s characters, dialogues, or some of the famous quotes from the play.
The witches depicted in the play are symbolic in nature but are shown to affect the minds of the different characters in different ways. Each character affected by the witches behaves differently throughout the play after their thoughts have been contaminated. Banquo faces Lack of sleep as he is constantly thinking of prophesies. The affect is there for all to see in the end. The role of witches in the outcome of the play could be a good topic.
Life after the murder of Banquo and Duncan was never the same for Macbeth. The influence of Lady Macbeth which leads him to commit a crime he would probably never have committed otherwise is a matter of debate. You can elaborate on this very difficult topic if you are up to it in terms of research and reference from other sources. The story has its plot in place, but this drama essay has been written several times over. To find what might interest readers and expand on your thoughts about it you need to refer.
Tourists from different countries love to know about the culture prevalent in the country though its history. In your popular culture essay, you wrote about the different aspects of popular culture in a country. Similarly, plays form an inherent part of culture in any country. You have to perceive and look at it from the point of view of a tourist. You would find many presentations and topics to choose from when Macbeth is enacted. This information would be available over the internet in related forums and cultural sites. You could also get reference from a tourism essay.
When you choose Macbeth Essay topics just use all the reference sources at your disposal and then write the essay. If you do this correctly, you would find many readers for your essay.

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