Learn The Right Approach To A Romeo and Juliet Essay

A Romeo and Juliet essay should always be a tribute to one of the greatest writers that ever lived, William Shakespeare. Prepare yourself to be involved totally till the assignment is complete. There are many intricate details you would have to gather and bring forward in your essay.
The play which begins with a prologue tells us of how two of the most talked about characters would be sacrificed on account of family pressures to die at the end. Romeo and Juliet belong to the feuding families of Montague and Capulet. The plot is set. The characters are charismatic. You now have a choice to write about the plot, the characters, the ambiance of the time, or even one act.
Deciding on your topic is always going to be an exciting exercise as you have a choice. Here are some tidbits you could use when structuring your essay. The play was written approximately 400 years ago in archaic English. The flow of language is something which has always excited readers and admirers of Shakespeare. Do not attempt to solve this mystery by contradicting any part of its dialogue delivery.
You could focus on the characters which would provide you enough scope to express yourself. Think of an Othello essay or a Hamlet essay. The feeling of love, hate, jealousy, helplessness, and power are all there to be focused on. Try one character at a time, and you would have no difficulty in writing a review on them. You would probably fall in love with the simplicity of each character and the emotion they portray.
Characters in the play blend into the ambiance of the times. You could write a drama essay. They carry swords, which would mean they were trained in the art of warfare. Write on this aspect only after you have researched for the correct information to support the statements you would make in the essay. Go through history books which cover the period under scrutiny, and write with confidence and flair on the topic.
The architecture and mindset of people at the time is another area you could write about. Were people religious? Were they social in terms of celebrating community events? Did they have fairs and sporting events at the time? These are some of the topics you could write about and reveal to readers. If you were writing an art essay, you would think of other aspects like paintings, pottery, and other artifacts.
The feuding family structure at the time has become folklore by now. How much of truth is there in the fact that justice was met out on the streets to settle family scores? Did they really fight over petty matters, and did it always lead to bloodshed at the end of the dispute? It could eventually be a love essay you would be writing. The choice is yours.
In a tragedy, try and find humor, if it existed. The characters would not have all been distinct. There should be a lighter side to events that unfolded through the acts. Write about those characters. Think of a popular culture essay where you would write about popular beliefs at the time. Follow some ideas which we discussed here, and you would be writing a compelling Romeo and Juliet essay.

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