How To Write A Captivating Othello Essay

An Othello Essay could be a review of the play’s characters, commentary, dialogues, or some of the famous quotes. The intention should be a critical appreciation of a very popular piece of literature that has enchanted people across the world with its theme and characters. You can summarize the five acts of the play. This would ensure you are well versed with the characters and plot to write a good review. Here are some ways you can go about it.
• Read the book or notes on Othello. There is no short cut available before writing a review of the play. There is a good chance that when you have read it once, you would love to read it over and over.
• Make notes after you have read it the first time. Write a detailed description of each act in your own words that you could refer to later as an abstract. The idea here is you would find the play using archaic English, especially for quotes. This would make a review difficult if you did not grasp the meaning in total or how to link one act to the other.
• The play has been so popular that you would definitely find a movie on it to help you understand the play. There are several themes that can be exploited when you write a review. Similar to a Romeo and Juliet essay or a Hamlet essay, the Othello essay also can reviewed on the emotions of love, betrayal, and the ethnic fabric of society at the time.
• Shakespeare has created powerful characters in the play that can stir emotions. It will force you to think of ways and means to comment on the various chapters. How each emotion is blended into the characters and how it evolves into betrayal and greed for power could provide you with the topic you need to elaborate on this aspect. When you read it, ideas will takes shape in your mind.
• The quotes from the play have captivated the minds of many. Their rendition has brought accolades to those who could bring out the essence and feeling in those quotes. These are time-tested favorites of Shakespeare lovers. You could review each character in connection to those quotes. Explain what motivates those characters. This has to be in the backdrop of the time and period the play was enacted.
• A descriptive essay can also be custom essays you wish to write. To do this you would need help from reviews you feel has set the play apart from others. So you find those reviews and make a balanced decision of how to use the views in your essay. Get information from the internet. Look for lectures of famous people who have reviewed the play earlier. This would put you on the right track.
• Some of the topics you could use would be an analysis of the tragedy, comic relief in Othello, the images that were created to depict war and peace in the play, analysis of the characters, and The Venetian society backdrop that defined what was good or bad according to social beliefs that existed at the time.
The essay outline should follow the pattern that is standard and universal in a drama essay. You need not experiment here. Just focus on your review of the topic you have chosen, and you would have written a captivating Othello essay.
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