Free For All

Free For All
Free For All
A debate is taking place on the worldwide web in connection with the use or overuse of content. Everyone seems to agree that the use of quality content is important, but how much is too much and what ways are best for the distribution of your content?

Please note that this issue is not related to write-for-hire or contract content writing.

Close to the Vest

Some writers in this camp indicate they feel there is an integrity issue at stake when a writer makes their work widely available and used on multiple sites.

In this line of thinking the author should only use the article on their own personal site without the ability of other sites to use the work.

Many authors feel that the use of the article in a singular location provides more weight to the article when viewed by online guests.

Free For All

In this camp the mantra is “Everyone can use it!” The motivations for allowing the use might be different for each author, but there are many that use this strategy.

For some writers, the allowance of article use is tied to their interest in making a certain point of view widely available. This may be tied to religious or political thought. For other writers, the use of free-to-use articles has more to do with a wealth of online marketing potential.

In either case, these articles do tend to be widely used.

Which is the right perspective?

I suppose the answer to that question lie in what it is you are most interested in accomplishing with your article. It could be that the tie to the article is so intimate that it would be a violation of conscience to allow it to be used elsewhere. However, it could be a message of such importance that it makes sense to make it available to a wider audience.

There are obvious benefits to making at least some of your work available at no cost through an online article submission service. In many cases the body of free articles represents a voice of authority for those interested in using the articles. It is also safe to say that there are numerous publishers with limited budgets for the purchase of material. These individuals rely heavily on free-to-reprint articles to meet their content goals. In turn, you have another publishing credit to add to your portfolio.

So, check your motivation and career objectives and see which direction best suits your specific writing objectives.

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