If you can answer "YES" to these questions, then you are on the way to a good paper…
• Did you learn new, interesting information in the process of completing this paper?
• Did you convey this growth through your writing?
• Did you clearly state your thesis and your purpose--either analytical or persuasive?
• Is your paper organized clearly, explaining your points step by step?
• Is your paper based on strong factual evidence?
• Is the evidence properly cited both within the paper and in the "Works Cited" page?
• Did you take proper notes, clearly distinguishing between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing to avoid plagiarism?
• Did you edit this paper over an extended time period, so it would seem fresh to you?
• Did others help you edit?
• Is your writing style and tone consistent and appropriate?
• Did you use evidence properly, introducing and explaining quotes?
• Did you stay focused on the point of your paper and not drift to other issues?
Watch Out For…
• Words that pass the spell check but are still incorrect in the context of your writing
• Assuming more knowledge on the subject of your paper than the reader has
• Word choice that sticks out as awkward among the rest of your paper, words that are too common or have too strong a tone
• Proof that doesn't clearly explain your point or that some may interpret to contradict your point
• Missing links in logic
• Choppy transitions in thought
• Careful transposition of notes to your final paper
• Missed citation of a quote/paraphrase
• Wordiness that acts like a fog, blurring your points
• Evidence that is presented but not explained
• Obvious questions that you do not discuss, but that come naturally to the reader
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