The Sweet Taste Of Success

The Sweet Taste Of Success
The Sweet Taste Of Success
Writers are an interesting breed of humanity &ndash they can make us feel joy, sadness, anger and empathy. Sometimes they can cause us to feel all these emotions simultaneously.

There are certainly more lucrative methods of gaining an income, yet everyday thousands of individuals will sit down at their keyboard pounding out a story that may never actually be published.

There is a creative energy required to create a meaningful story. It is hard to invest that energy into a story if there is a feeling the story has no chance of success, yet writers will do so.

What motivates a writer to spend their time and talents on something that may bear little fruit?

The answer is found in a quote from author Isaac Asimov, “I write for the same reason I breathe — because if I didn’t, I would die.”

For many writers the reason stems from the fact they have a story in their mind that won’t leave them alone until the story is drained onto the written page only to be replaced by a new story that requires telling. The story might be for the author alone or it might be for a larger audience.

Many writers are not in the market to be famous, they simply agree with the sentiments of Fran

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