Immerse Yourself in the Japanese Language

Japanese is a language spoken by more than 120 million people worldwide in countries including Japan, Brazil, Guam, Taiwan, and on the American island of Hawaii.

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The Challenge Of Learning The Chinese Language

Chinese is a language, or a group of languages, spoken by 1.3 billion people worldwide. If you believe Chinese to be one language, rather than a grouping, it is the single most commonly spoken language on the planet. It is spoken in countries like China, Taiwan Singapore, and Malaysia. If you are interested in learning Chinese, it can be intimidating and challenging. But learning Chinese can also be rewarding, and knowing it can have benefits for your career, and help to impr...

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China – Its Global Economy and Favored Chinese Language

With China emerging as a global economy giant, people across the world are joining hands with the nation to conduct beneficial business ventures. This has led to the urgency of learning Chinese language and the importance gained by Mandarin Chinese is so enormous that majority of non-Chinese speaking people are opting to learn Chinese as foreign language with an expectation of wide career opportunities and business growth.

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Learn The Korean Language

The Korean language is spoken by more than 70 million people, primarily in North and South Korea. There are a number of native Korean language speakers in several countries, including the United States Australia, Canada, and Japan. The Korean language is made up of an alphabet of 28 characters that have been in used for hundreds of years. These characters are in no way similar the western alphabet that makes up the English, French, Spanish, and other languages. This can prove...

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Quickly Learn A Language By Thinking In It

So you want to learn a language, right? There are many ways to work on it, but one of the best is to start thinking in your new language. here's how.

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Learn Italian In Italy

There are lots of ways to learn a language, but nothing can beat actually visiting and studying in the country where the language is spoken. Daily immersion in the language and culture is the key to gaining proficiency in a language. So where better to learn the Italian language than in Italy! Italy is a beautiful and diverse country with friendly people, fantastic food and an astonishingly rich cultural heritage.

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Why Learn Swedish?

Aside from the possibility of living in Sweden or Finland (where Swedish is an official second language), or meeting someone important who knows to speak only in Swedish, you’re probably looking for other reasons to convince you to go through the trouble of learning it as a second language.

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Learn Spanish Fast

How fast is it possible to learn a foreign language?

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Learn Spanish Online – Amazingly Simple

The invention of the internet has made everything easier right? You can now shop online, send letters, find information at the drop of a hat, even find your house in satellite pictures on Google Earth.

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Spanish Language Teaching Methods

Most people would agree on the absolute necessity of learning a foreign language in today’s society. But what is the most adequate, most effective way to do it? Here things get a little bit more complicated. Different answers to this question have guided the various methods employed in the language classrooms throughout the years.

If you grew up during the 70s or 80s you’ve probably been studying a second language at least since you were in high school. Studying is the key...

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