Legal Help For Those Living Together

There's good news for the increasing number of American couples who are living together as a prelude to--or substitute for--marriage.

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Business Entity Mistakes – Criminal Conduct and Independence

In this age of information, most small business owners understand they need the protection provided by a corporation or limited liability company. Such protection, however, can be lost though certain actions.

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Federal Prison Report

Recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons released an update of their prison population, which included breakdowns of race, sex, sentences and offenses. Currently, there are 189,984 inmates in the United States federal prison system. The breakdown of the information is at times typical and yet surprising other times. Did you know that the average age of a federal inmate is 38?

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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Most people are not familiar with the law. The average person’s knowledge of the law is more than likely limited to what they see on television or read in newspapers and books. When they do get involved with the criminal law system they do not know what to do, or how to handle the situation. Because of this, the need for information and assistance from criminal lawyers is crucial for those wh are about to get involved with the criminal law system.

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Atlanta Accident Lawyers

When choosing a lawyer to fight your accident case, keep in mind that it is absolutely essential for you to choose an extremely competent person for the job. You only get one chance to fight your compensation case. Imagine losing the case, not because you are in the wrong, but because the lawyer you chose did not have the necessary expertise to fight your case. The lawyer or the firm might have a proven track record in real estate or bankruptcy cases, but that experience probably will not win your accident compensation case. It is extremely important to check the credentials and reputation of the lawyer you choose.

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Women and Divorce

It has been said that Divorce is worse than Death. Death of a spouse is a painful wound that begins to heal after the funeral. A Divorce however, will take months or years to reach closure. Eventually these wounds will heal as well but the mourning period of the death of a marriage can linger on for many years thereafter.

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits - Lawyers

With more and more of the United States population aging, nursing home and elderly communities are constantly expanding to help accommodate more patients.

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Amending Old Laws to Punish New Governors

The Mann Act was passed in 1910 its purpose was to prosecute individuals who were in the business of trafficking young ladies for the means of prostitution across state lines.

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Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Most road traffic accident compensation involves two drivers, with a driver or passenger from the one vehicle seeking compensation from the driver of the second vehicle. Based on evidence that the accident was caused through negligence.

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Employment Law: Unfair Dismissal - Employer Succeeded in Changing Terms of Employment

Good News for Employers wishing to change the terms of employment of employees, however, employers must still take care.

In Scott & Co v Richardson [2005], the Dependant, Mr Richardson, who worked for a Scottish firm of debt collectors, refused to accept his new terms of employment which required him to visit defaulting debtors during the evenings. Mr Richardson agreed to work evenings but only if this would continue to attract overtime payments as had previously been the case. Scott & Co tried for seven months to persuade Mr Richardson to change his mind but he refused, finally issuing an ultimatum that his employer should either accept his position or dismiss him. They chose to dismiss him.

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