Axes of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are like tips of icebergs. They rest on a foundation of causes and effects, interactions and events, emotions and cognitions, functions and dysfunctions that together form the patient and make him or her what s/he is.

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A Brief History of Hypnosis

Where does hypnosis come from? Discover the roots of hypnosis with this brief history of this fascinating subject.

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The Four Elements

Tracy Marks describes wide-ranging look at earth, fire, water, and air, and the dynamic twin forces of Love and Strife. Her book takes one to a journey from ancient Greece to alchemy to Carl Jung’s association of sense, feeling, thoughts and intuition .

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The Roots of Pedophilia

Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children and act on their sexual fantasies. It is a startling fact that the etiology of this paraphilia is unknown.

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What Makes Gossip So Interesting

Gossip fans are everywhere. in all countries, in all cities, on all continents. Since old ages, people just liked gossip, they enjoyed talking about their peers when they were not around. Celebrities are included on the gossip topics most agreed list.

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Improving Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis

Getting past the misconceptions people have about how hypnosis works, and how it can help the listener achieve their goals through training the subconscious mind.

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Can a Dream Tell us of the Future?

Much has been written regarding dreams and their meanings or purpose. Mankind has been fascinated with our dreams since the first dreamer awoke and wondered about what their visions meant. Since ancient times we have looked to our dreams to find signs of what our future holds. Dreams can give us insight and understanding of our personal lives. They will help us to understand our past, present, and sometimes our future. All we need to do is to pay attention to our dreams and get to know them.

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Psychological Tests

Personality assessment is perhaps more an art form than a science.

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What Is Hypno-psychotherapy?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. It seeks to look at the motivational drives within an individual and offer an explanation to the behaviour that is demonstrated.

Psychotherapy is the use and application of psychological knowledge to help people understand themselves and begin to make appropriate changes, or to be comfortable with who they are.

Psychotherapy has several different theoretical models that have developed over time, the most commonl...

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Using Mind Control to Create an Addiction

With all the paranoia of mind control and how Neuro Linguistic Probramming (NLP) can be (and is) used to "mess with peoples heads" it's high time to pull the cat out of the bag and let people know exactly what is possible. For example, can you create an addiction in someone using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Yes, you can.

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