Atlanta Schools Encourage Good Works

One of the main goals of schools today is to turn out productive, successful members of society; kids that will one day be leaders of our country, states, cities, or neighborhoods. Whether our youth become actors, athletes, lawyers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, or policemen, they will influence society as a whole and lead others by example. Atlanta Public Schools are trying their hardest to give students not only an academic education, but an education that also includes ...

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Make Your Paper Effective With Ideal Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Be wise and choose topics for which you can gather a lot of points
You will start searching for argumentative research paper topics only when you have to turn in an argumentative research paper. The very task of finding a topic you can work on and simultaneously an interesting one is strenuous to many students but it is in fact very easy once you know what the whole thing is about. You can start your argumentative essay or research paper whenever you are ready even within the comforts of your home.

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Approaching the Reflection Essay

There are several specific types of essays that teachers may require you to write, dependent on the class and topic you are focused on. One of the popular essays for almost any subject is the reflection essay. These are designed to show your understanding of past situations or materials, while providing a personal touch to the information you are presenting. Understanding how to focus on this specific type of writing can then help you to provide the correct approach to your paper.

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Tips to help your spelling

Tips to help your spelling
Tips to help your spelling
Unfortunately the English language is one of the most difficult to masterwhen it comes to spelling. This has to do with the large number of words that have been adopted from other languages and the presence of exceptions to the rules that have been established. In English, there over 1,100 variation on how to spell 44 types of sounds, which explains the problems with mastering the spelling of many English words. However, there are some rules that you can follow to upgrade your spelling expertise. One rule is to be a voracious reader of books, magazines and other types of reading materials. Simply reading is the most effective way to master the spelling of English words because every time you see a word your memory of its spelling improves. This is because spelling is based on how a word looks on the page.

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Fast food industry is to be regulated

Fast food industry is to be regulated
In 2003 the advocates defending two little girls, Ashly Pelman and Jazlyn Bredley, accused McDonalds of causing overweight the girls suffered from. McDonalds won that case and many similar ones as well. However, due to the growth of obesity indexes American courts can be forced to review their decision concerning this situation and define where the personal responsibility ends and the responsibility of the company-producer begins.

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Sample College Essay

Sample College Essay
There are hundreds of college essay prompts that various colleges and universities have used in recent years. If you are required to write a “Personal statement” along with your college application, then the prompt below may help you. Universities may not use the exact prompts that are listed here, but these will give you a good idea of what they will ask.

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Bacon Roger

Bacon Roger
Roger Bacon was an English Scholastic philosopher, scientist and one of the most influential teachers of the 13th century.

He was born in Ilchester, Somersetshire in 1214. Roger Bacon was educated at the universities of Oxford and Paris. He remained in Paris after completing his studies and taught for a while at the University of Paris. When he returned to England in about 1251, he entered the religious order of the Franciscans and lived at Oxford. He carried on active studies and did experimental research in alchemy, optics, and astronomy.
Bacon was critical of the methods of learning of the times, and in the late 1260s, at the request of Pope Clement IV, he wrote his Opus Majus (Major Work). In this work he represented the necessity of a reformation in the sciences through different methods of studying languages and nature. The Opus Majus was an encyclopedia of all science, embracing grammar and logic, mathematics, physics, experimental research, and moral philosophy. The response of the pope to Bacon?s masterpiece is not known, but the work could not in any circumstances have had much effect in Bacon?s time, because it reached Clement during the period of his fatal illness.

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American's Motivation to Work

American's Motivation to Work
The majority of Americans get up each morning and go to work in order to earn money. But what are the true motivators for working and where do they come from? How do wage rates and other forms of compensation affect the quantity of labor supplied to the market? This essay will discuss how labor effects the economy. Each person working plays a role in society and production output. These are areas that need to be addressed when the supply of labor is being discussed.

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Hoes and bitches

Hoes and bitches
Fuck, sittin? up lettin? these motherfuckerz know, though
You?re my pimp buddies, my boy Sean Dogg, you on a mission (Yeah, baby!)
Creep Dogg, I know you trippin? (I feel you) Ya heard me? (um-hm)
[murmur] We just sittin? up in here droppin? game about these motherfuckin??hos
(hos?!) That?s right, hos, and that what the topic is today on the show: hos
(Why you always gotta talk about ?em?) I mean, cause if you gotta blame it on somebody
You might as well blame it on a motherfuckin ho?.

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Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana
We all hear about freedom of choice right! Freedom of choice applies to all decisions made by that person! Which includes the choice to smoke marijuana. I believe that the government should have No say in what you choose to do with your body! Marijuana is now illegal but I believe that it should be made Legal! And under No circumstances should the government tell you how to treat your body.They can give you their opinions on how the human body should be treated but I think that the government cannot control your decisions. It?s all opinionated! People were given these unalienable rights when the U.S. Constitution was established! And under No circumstance should they be changed!

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