* Stability of the economy
* Risky project because its too costly
* Fast turnover of participants in the industry


The scientist in a laboratory does basic research to develop new compounds and processes. When the scientist discovers a product that may be useful, the chemical engineer takes over. They adapt the product for big scale manufacturing. They do this by designing a plant to produce the item on large scale. Thus the engineer is the link between the laboratory and commercial production.

A Case Study Essay: How to Prepare it

Case study essays need plenty of research
Did your teacher ask you for a case study essay? Ar first you may feel a little overwhelmed, since this kind of essay is a bit more difficult than others. It means upgrading your writing and research skills to the next, more complicated, level. But if the teacher thinks you are ready for that, then probably you’ll do just fine.
Anyway, you may want to read some preliminary ideas of what a case study paper actually is, and this is why we are here. Keep reading and you will probably get all the answers that you need.

Different Branches Of Chemistry

Chemistry is generally divided into two broad branches: organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Other types of chemistry include physical chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry, with each field branching off into several specific subfields. Here’s a brief description of the most common branches of chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry has to do with the study of compounds that contain carbon (and sometimes hydrogen). Even though carbon is only the...

An Introduction To California DUI Laws

In California, the DUI laws are written under the California Vehicle Code VC 23152 Alcohol and/or Drugs. The DUI law was codified back in 1935. The law distinguishes between a misdemeanor and felony. According to its definition, a misdemeanor doesn’t imply any injury to person or property. The section 23152 is specific in dealing with drunken misdemeanors. The penalty for such a crime can be up to 6 months in jail.

Writing Purposes for a Chemistry Essay

There are certain purposes of writing that can stand out depending on the topic that you are going to utilize. In most cases, those highly scientific or technical topics are much harder to find writing purpose for. But for a chemistry essay, let me give you some tips of writing directions so you can build an essay worthy of reading.
We will not talk about the topic selections for your chemistry essay

How to Write a Case Study Essay

How to Write a Case Study Essay
A case study is different from many other types academic writings in a number of ways. First of all, a case study requires out and out research from the part of the writers. It cannot be written without reference or firsthand experience. Since researches and analyses consume much time, students find it difficult to complete the task before the stipulated time. However, timely guidelines and tips on writing case study can help them a lot to complete it on time.

Essay on World War One: Chemical Weapon

Essay on World War One: Chemical Weapon
Essay on World War One: Chemical Weapon
Do you have to write an essay on World War One? Then you should choose a problem that would be really interesting for your reader. Why not consider the use of chemical weapons in your essay on World War One? Besides, you have just found a good assistant in writing.

Your essay on World War One will, of course, consist of 3 main parts: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. Let us discuss the points that can be considered in each of the chapters of your essay on World War One.
1. Introduction. This part of your essay on World War One should tell about the 1st World War in general. To present this paragraph of your essay on World War One, you may write down something like “World War I presented a great number of new removers to the world: aviation was used for the first time, tanks appeared at battle-fronts, but the most formidable weapon was poisonous gases.” Thus, the Introduction of your essay on World War One will demonstrate general information on the military situation of the world at that time and contain a thesis statement. Now, your purpose will be to support your essay on World War One with the examples and evidences of using chemical weapons during the 1st World War;

Avon Case Study

Avon Case Study
Avon Case Study

When people think about Avon case study, the first thing that comes into their minds is the Avon-ladies and those well-known catalogs. Avon is an extremely well known company but this does not mean it does not have its problems.

During the 80’s Avon has had its shares of negativity but since then has bought itself up again and now into the 21st century it is trying many different options that could help to increase sales even if they have greatly climbed in the last four years.
Avon Case Study – Awareness

In the Avon case study I recommend the company to focus on television advertisement commercials as they did in the early 90’s, it would make people more aware of the company as they already are. In addition, it will be useful to have a telemarketers calling during holiday seasons and offering free catalogs. Direct mailing could also be of help.
Avon Case Study – Target Market

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry
Many companies all over the world produce chemicals for their products that are harmful to the environment, human health, and to all living species. Green Chemistry is the use of chemistry for the prevention of chemical pollution to the environment by using chemicals that are benign, or not harmful. The Environmental Protection Agency (epa) states that the mission of Green Chemistry is, ?To promote innovative chemical technologies that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products.? Green Chemistry contains any aspects and types of chemical processes that reduce the negative effects of certain chemicals, in a way, using chemistry to fight chemistry.