Creative Story: My Golden Age

Creative Story: My Golden Age
Many people have their own Golden Ages. It is like a dream that a person
would like to live out. Many of these dreams tend to be similar to a utopia, or
a perfect world. Due to the fact that their Golden Age is a perfect world, most
of these dreams are a little bit on the unrealistic side. Most of them never
come true. However, I am not so picky. I would make the best attempt to make
my life the best it could be, and also knowing that it could come true, and
still be on the realistic side.

Help with College Essays: Golden Rules that Will Help to Get in

Help with College Essays: Golden Rules that Will Help to Get inDo you need help with a college essay? It is strange a little, because probably it is a bit too late for writing a college essay. At this time, admission committees in almost all universities already know their future freshmen. Anyway, it is not our business, and if you need help with a college essay, we are glad to provide it. Let us briefly explain you things to avoid in college essays and keep in mind if you want to write an essay that will help you get in.

Golden Rules of Computing Research Paper Writing

Golden Rules of Computing Research Paper Writing
Golden Rules of Computing Research Paper Writing
What do you think about when it comes to writing a computing research paper? Let us guess! You think about research you need to conduct, some useful methods that will help you get the expected results, overall organization of your computing research paper, etc.

Well, definitely you are moving in the right direction. All these are important elements of any computing research paper. Still, we also know several important rules of writing computing research papers.

First, let us explain you several things about a computing research paper. Do you know what such paper is actually about? Well, it boils down to programming, which in fact has nothing to do with computer science research.

Programming will just help you make some experiments that you will have to plan carefully. This plan for writing computing research papers is what we want to focus on.

Golden Tips on a Compare Contrast Essay Just For You

Golden Tips on a Compare Contrast Essay Just For You
There are a few steps to writing a complete compare contrast essay. The format is specifically one of the most important factors other than the grammar, punctuations and the content. By following the appropriate format, one can build a meaningful and impressive comparison and contrast study of the given two entities. The entities can be anything, anyone, any event or application.

4 Golden Rules of Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

4 Golden Rules of Choosing Argumentative Essay TopicsHave you ever thought about the purpose of writing an argumentative essay? Have you ever thought why do people argue in general? “Argue” seems to be a word with a negative meaning. It implies a sort of a dispute, a process when people may not listen to each other.
However, if you think about arguing more deeply, you will see another side of this process.

The Hidden Wholeness

The Hidden Wholeness
?The Hidden Wholeness? is the idea that in everything there is unity and integrity a fire burning in each and everything that connects things, all sorts of different and mysterious things. Palmer believes that having polarities and paradox?s is necessary. When you look at a polarity or a paradox there is a neglected pole or side, and we are trained to neglect one side. We are trained to listen to only one side instead of with both ears. He believes that this is because we are too competitive and that we look at the world through analytical lenses. ?We see everything as this or that, plus or minus, on or off, black, or white; and we fragment reality into an endless series of either-or?s.? (pg62)


Freidman believed that capitalism was not necessarily the best system; however, he felt that it was the only one that would work sufficiently. He based this idea on his observation of other systems and the countries that used them. Because of capitalism’s success, other system’s failure, and the result on countries, Freidman was a supporter of capitalism.

Creative Story: The Golden Sock

Creative Story: The Golden Sock
Years after Odysseus came from his twenty year trip, Odysseus began to feel
restless; he wanted to go on an adventure. He knew that his wife, Penelope
would not agree to his decision to go seek the long stolen, "golden sock". To
many people, this may be any ordinary sock, but to Ithica, it was different. It
was the sock worn on the first person to set foot on the land of Ithica.
Odysseus finally decided to go on the journey to seek the "golden sock." He
snuck away leaving Penelope a note telling where he is, and what he wants to do.
Him, and his hundred crew men went all the way to the Gibralter strait where he
was turned around by Charybdis' funnel, and stranded on the peninsula of Hubble.
He picked his best men to search the beautiful island.

The Recovery Of The Bald Eagle

Most experts expected the bald eagle to become extinct during the 20th century, but this American symbol has since reversed its decline and begun to recover. Experts realized in 1940 that the species had become endangered, and a law was passed to offer it protection from hunters- the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Even after the hunting stopped, there was still a decline in numbers due to the rampant use of DDT. The bald eagle was included on the endangered species lis...

Break In- Creative Writing

Break In- Creative Writing
Far in the distance, I can see

some kind of cloud.What a strange cloud though!It is down near the ground as if itwere fog but fog doesn?t roar,or clash or be colored grey does it?It is getting closer now it looksmore like a tidal wave of something.I can see faces, it is an armyrushing towards me and the castlebehind me.