Forty Writing Topics: Causes and Effects

Writing Suggestions for a Cause and Effect Essay
Some of the following topic suggestions emphasize causes; others focus on effects. But keep in mind that these two approaches are closely related and sometimes not easily distinguished.

Binge Drinking Among College Students

Binge Drinking Among College Students
We all know what it is like to wake up in the morning, with our head aching, and our body feeling like it was just hit by a train. College students world wide know this feeling. These are the results of binge drinking. The question of why college students continue to submit themselves to alcohol is unknown. While many reasons are given, the cause generally falls into one of three categories, peer pressure, insecurity, or to help solve there problems. But the one thing students don?t realize are the consequences and effects that binge drinking can have, health and social problems are just a few.
One of the main reasons students feel the need to binge drink is peer pressure. They do this because their peers are doing it and they want to fit in better. College dorm rooms offer many different places for students to drink. Dorm rooms give a great place for a few people to get together, and before you know it ?everybody?s doing it?.

Writing an Informative Stress Essay

Stress is a word that encompasses so much. When writing a stress essay one might choose an analytical or explanatory essay format. It is because this topic is so involved that a lot of people would rather just buy an essay on this subject instead of going through the research to develop an in depth paper on their own.
There are two types of stress, good stress and bad stress. In theintroduction to an essay on this topic, there should be a clear point as to what exactly will be discussed.

High Maintenance High School Habits You Need to Break Now

High Maintenance High School Habits You Need to Break Now
High Maintenance High School Habits You Need to Break Now
High school is all about being high maintenance if you think about it. Fickle relationships, stress over the SATs and getting into college, packing as many extracurricular activities into a 24-hour day as is super-humanly possible. But once you get into college and have to be responsible for things that actually matter — like finding food and waking yourself up without parental back-up — you have less time for high maintenance frivolities, unless you’ve turned them into dirty little habits that suck up your time and budget.

Possible Cause-Effect Topics

1. Explain the effects of stress on you. Focus by limiting to a specific situation.
2. Think about your favorite author. What caused him/her to write as he/she did?
3. What are the effects of television on study habits?

Courses For Learning Ways To Control Stress

The dream of each person is to become at peace and happy when things are going right in our lives. Reality is that when the tables are turned, it is true the picture becomes totally different and the changes and hardships can break a person’s spirit.

One of the hurdles can be the presence of good and bad stress. Bad stress needs to be taken care of right away before it causes the life to also be affected and become unhappy.

The key to stress is learning how to deal wit...

Creating a Stress Management Essay

Stress – an extremely popular word for students, workers and every human being here on earth. For students, stress can come from meeting coursework deadlines, preparing for exams and managing time for work and school (for those who are studying and working at the same time). For workers, aiming for the company’s target goal, completing financial reports and meeting the boss’s demands can give birth to stress.

The Effects of Stress

The Effects of Stress
Immune system ? system that protects the body from viruses, diseases, etc. White blood cells or Leucocytes ? cells found in the immune system which fights the diseases. Antigens ? foreign bodies e.g. viruses Antibodies ? kills antigens Suppress ? put an end on the activity of or existence of; hold back Immunosuppressive effects ? something that suppresses the immune system Endorphins ? hormones which are body?s natural painkillers Pathogens ? agents causing physical illness Stress is said to increase the chance of someone becoming ill and there are two major ways in which stress can cause illness: F Directly = by reducing the body?s ability to fight illness. F Indirectly = by leading the stressed individual to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle e.g. increased smoking and drinking Direct effects of stress on the immune system

Harmful Effects Of Being Steretyped

Harmful Effects Of Being Steretyped
As we live in society today that tends to claasify people in gruops, which they seem closest to is call stereotyping. Stereotyping is an everyday habit for many people. One might say that to stereotype is just a harmless classification of charateristics of a certain person, but has anyone stopped to think what effect ti has on the person who is being stereotyped. For example, stereotyping overweight people ca cause harmful effects such as emotional stress and low self-esteem.
when we stereotype overweight people, it is possiple that we are causing them emotional stress. For example, when someone says "Hey, fatso!" referring to htem in a degrading manner, it undoutedly casues them to feel less than normal compared to their peers. They also feel bad about themsefves being overweight, unless they do not care about how they look or what people think about them, or if they have above average confidence in themselves.

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