Chicago format

All academic writing involves some citation format or another. There are different citation formats to choose from and each style has a special use based on the subject of the essay. Whatever referencing is chosen, be sure to use the same format throughout the essay while keeping in mind the different purposes of referencing.
Essentially, a citation format enables readers to easily locate the sources used, identify the ideas and language of others that are a part of the essay, and to show the extent of the research that has gone into writing.

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How to Cite a Speech in APA Style

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. made this famous declaration on August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It may be the most famous American speech ever given, and it’s certainly oft-quoted.

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Scholarship Essay to Help You Get That Much Coveted Grant

Scholarship Essay – Write Well to Get It
Writing a good scholarship essay is a sure shot way of getting a free or cheap education at the college. It is also a way of showing that you are meritorious enough to win a scholarship, which is indeed worth an applause. Not everyone gets to win a scholarship and if you get one then it is indeed something to be proud of.

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Dances With Wolves

When Dunbar realizes that the Indians know where he lives, he becomes extremely paranoid and spends his days preparing the fort for another confrontation. He buries all the extra materials in fear that they might fall into enemy hands. On one of his daily rides around the frontier

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Writing a Dissertation on Navajo People Spiritual Practices

Writing a Dissertation on Navajo People Spiritual Practices
Writing a Dissertation on Navajo People Spiritual Practices
If you have to write a dissertation in History and need an exclusive dissertation topic for it, you are in the right place. In this article we want to give you some information on the topic, which will definitely fit your dissertation. Your work can be devoted to the spiritual practices of Navajo people.

Navajo is one of the largest Native American tribes. Its history goes back to the 16th century. I think investigating Native American tribes in dissertations in History is an extremely interesting task. Can you imagine that these people are living in the North America for nearly 1 000 years, and till the present days they managed to preserve their culture and some ancient practices.

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Avon Case Study

Avon Case Study
Avon Case Study

When people think about Avon case study, the first thing that comes into their minds is the Avon-ladies and those well-known catalogs. Avon is an extremely well known company but this does not mean it does not have its problems.

During the 80’s Avon has had its shares of negativity but since then has bought itself up again and now into the 21st century it is trying many different options that could help to increase sales even if they have greatly climbed in the last four years.
Avon Case Study – Awareness

In the Avon case study I recommend the company to focus on television advertisement commercials as they did in the early 90’s, it would make people more aware of the company as they already are. In addition, it will be useful to have a telemarketers calling during holiday seasons and offering free catalogs. Direct mailing could also be of help.
Avon Case Study – Target Market

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Profit Boosters Copywriting Checklist

Profit Boosters Copywriting Checklist
Profit Boosters Copywriting Checklist
You can use this copywriting checklist when you are copywriting - or to evaluate copywriting. It is based on what works first-rate from beyond 1,200 copywriting projects we have done since 1978. It intention go first to significantly more rejoinder from your copywriting.

Forward of expos‚:

1. Swot the assemblage and the product/service being sold downright so you from all the poop you determination need.

2. Scrutiny the prospects and the supermarket to govern what benefits the in the wind wants most, secondary benefits wanted, objections, and what would take him to steal now. Description: Don’t judge; research.

3. Expose the main emotions you can partake of with your copywriting through despite this protrude, and how you drive do it. The strongest emotions are weakness, fear, greed, acceptance, survival, antagonism, and health.

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A College Education Within Reach

A College Education Within Reach
A College Education Within Reach
Too many people. Then began a bright future with a good education when his campaign to become president, Barrack Obama’s has made education a central theme. Scholarships and grants are only a small part of the overhaul of the education system.

Increasing educational opportunities and outcomes is arguably one of the objectives of the President. With the recent adoption of the economic stimulus plan, many student loans are offered by the government. In addition, the government aims to help schools improve teaching and students to improve their performance. Another objective is to encourage more students to attend community colleges. At a Community College students can obtain important information and save money.

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Process Essay Topics May 23rd, 2010

Process Essay Topics  May 23rd, 2010
Process Essay Topics
One of the most interesting essay types is the process essay article. It is interesting to a point that you can write step-by-step procedures in doing something. It can be about anything from assembling an item to doing a specific process of interest. That is why we will talk about some ways for you to write about process essay topics.

Before we give you some pointers how to choose process essay topics, you must first realize that all essays should adhere to the standards steps of writing. This only means that you must know the basics in general essay writing. What are the steps? Of course, the first step is to choose a topic. Since you already have a direction for writing, you can narrow down the selection to more specific subjects. Second, write the outline of the essay. The outline will serve as the plan that will teach you what to include in the essay. You are in full control of the outline so plan well.

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Example Business Essay

Example Business Essay
Organisations in contemporary times face an increasingly volatile and fast changing business environment. Customer choices are becoming ever more fickle, and by extension, difficult to address. This scenario has led to a focus on ‘customisation’ that challenges the traditional focus on standardised offerings (Lampel, 2001; Beaume et al., 2009). The often referred to silo form of organisational functions and work processes has been replaced by a network or matrix form to gear organisations towards such customisation. This has had serious implications for how organisations leverage and develop their resources and capabilities

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