College Scholarships: How to Find Money for School

Many potential college students don't end up attending university due to a lack of money, however there are thousands of college scholarship programs available.

Why You Need a College Degree

It is vital today to have a college degree. There are many benefits to having a university education, here are some.

The Untraditional College Route

The Untraditional College Route
The Untraditional College Route
Going to a 4 year college right out of high school isn’t the only option available to high school graduates. There are many alternative options to this traditional, standard choice and it’s important to explore all the sufficient substitutions before making the right decision for you.

Community colleges can be a great transition before applying to bigger, better schools you may not be ready for financially or academically. Community colleges are much more affordable, yet offer similar courses and can prepare a student for college life at a more difficult institution in the future. Many people opt for community colleges if they have obligations at home that might keep them from going away and such circumstances may only be temporary, so it’s a great way to bridge the gap before you are ready to apply to your "wish list" of schools. Community colleges do not offer housing, so it’s imperative that you choose one that is within commuting distance or you have someone with whom you can stay.

The Mayor’s College Fair Provides Tuition Assistance For Washington D.C. Schools

The Mayor’s College Fair

The Mayor’s College Fair brings together a variety of programs available for the Washington D.C. schools and their students preparing for college tuition costs. This event takes place on September 15, 2006 and provides information about a variety of college tuition assistantship programs. Students in the Washington D.C. schools are encouraged to attend the Mayor’s College Fair in order to learn more about the special programs open to them as Washin...

Understanding An Online College

It can be incredibly difficult to attend college when you are a little bit older and have professional and personal responsibilities that make attending classes somewhat difficult. Sadly, despite the fact that a significant percentage of working students attending college many colleges have never developed a proper method of accommodating these students. In all fairness, part of the reason that colleges have not accommodated such students is the lack of a format capable of ac...

Community College Online Classes

We all know that the education is the key to success that gives us the possibility of improving the state of our lives and we also know that one of the best ways where we could just do that and earn a degree that we could use and be proud of is through community colleges. But on the other hand, you may feel like your schedule is already bombarded with the different kinds of activities that you need to do that could hinder you in pursuing the education that you want.


Which Online Learning Program is Right for You?

Which Online Learning Program is Right for You?

--Are you looking for an education plan to fit your busy schedule?

--Do you have family obligations that keep you from attending campus-based programs?

College Books - Tips and Tricks for Saving Money

College books are getting more and more expensive every year. University course textbooks are one of the biggest expenses of attending college and the average amount of money needed for college books is $800 per year.

College and the Non-traditional Student

College and the Non-traditional Student
College and the Non-traditional Student
Ever watched that sitcom called Community on NBC? The actor/comedian Chevy Chase plays the lone old guy attending a community college with a bunch of younger, hipper characters. Sometimes Chase’s kooky old guy character is the way we think of going back to college as a non-traditional student. If you’ve ever wanted to go back to college as an older adult but don’t wanted to be "that old guy" (or gal) that’s out of touch with youth culture, then this entry is for you.

A non-traditional student has one or several of the following characteristics: students older than 25, students who have full-time careers, students who are financially independent from their parents, and students who have children.

If you meet this criteria, first of all, realize that times have changed and you’re definitely not alone in your efforts to get your butt back in school after the traditional age of 18-24. In fact, even way back in 2002, about 40 percent of all college students were older than 25, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Also, more than 30 percent of college students who enroll in college do not complete their bachelor’s degree for one reason or another, creating a large pool of people who may decide to finish what they started many years later.

The College Pride Organisation From The Start

College Pride was founded in 1997. The aim of the College Pride organisation is to enhance college counselling for gay youth. College Pride also promotes awareness of issues affecting gay youth in colleges, universities and other higher education establishments across the United States.

Advising individual institutions about the concerns of gay youths gives College Pride the ability to target specific issues that relate to a particular college and address ways to deal with...