Step by Step Guide to writing a perfect essay: Introduction

Step by Step Guide to writing a perfect essay: Introduction
The Introduction is the first paragraph.

Begin with a statement, which interests and orients the reader, often referred to as the HOOK or attention grabber

Titles for Essays: How to Learn Making Good Ones

Titles for Essays: How to Learn Making Good OnesWe suppose there is no need to explain you that good titles for essays are extremely important. An effective essay title is not only an attention-grabber. It has some other significant functions: informs the reader on the content of your paper; expresses your attitude to a topic; conveys the overall mood of your essay. Unfortunately, many students have troubles with creating strong titles for essays.

How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College EssayThere are different thoughts on writing college essay and people have different thoughts on how to write a college essay. Principally, writing an essay for college is not a major problem if you have a natural flair for writing. College students often get confused in their initial college life when they get instructions from teachers to write a college essay.


Yet, as the African nations have shown by raising the demand for compensation for slavery, UN conferences can be used to raise issues that are deemed important by nations that have suffered from colonial plunder and pillage. But India did not raise the issue of compensation for colonial exploitation and it's myriad social consequences that India must still contend with. Clearly, the African nations have demonstrated greater political wherewithal in demanding justice from those who have profited most from Africa's miseries by insisting on reparations

Employment Law - Claims - Overseas Worker

Have you got employees working outside the UK? If so, are you complying with the laws?

In the case Saggar v Ministry of Defence [2005] , it was held that an overseas based employee of a British business, who was a UK resident when recruited or at any time during the course of the employee's employment, is entitled to bring a discrimination claim in the UK . The claim can be brought even if the employee did no further work in Britain after the move overseas.

After 16 years at a Ministry of Defence base in Britain , Lieutenant Colonel Surinder Nath Saggar was permanently stationed in Cyprus from 1998 and was still there when he made a claim for race discrimination.

The Employment Tribunal decided that Lieutenant Saggar worked wholly outside Britain and could not file a race discrimination claim in Britain . He appealed against this decision to the Employment Appeals Tribunal ("EAT").

Employment Law: Time Limits for Bringing Employment Tribunal Claims

In the case of Chouafi v London United Busways Ltd [2005], the claimant was employed as a bus driver by the defendant company. In October 2003, he was diagnosed with severe depression and was signed off work until February 2004. He was dismissed in January 2004 on the grounds of his medical condition and complained to the employment tribunal of unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.

Beloved essay topics and racial discrimination

Beloved essay topics and racial discriminationPerhaps one of the best accounts of a slave’s life has been drawn by African American author, Toni Morrison. Apart from having an excellent plot the story has been executed beautifully and portrays a story of the cruelties that the African slaves faced at the hand of their white masters. If you cannot particularly stand stories with violent details in them then Beloved is one novel you should be staying away from.

Essay Writing 101

Essay Writing 101
Paragraph One: The Introduction

This first paragraph, made up of 3-5 sentences, has two purposes:

A Comparison of Half-Cast, Nothings Changed, and Two Scavengers in a truck, Two beautiful People in a Mercedes

A Comparison of Half-Cast, Nothings Changed, and Two Scavengers in a truck, Two beautiful People in a Mercedes
All three poems express their anger towards discrimination:
'Half-Caste' and 'Nothings Changed' are written about how racism has
affected them and their lives, 'Two Scavengers...' express views on
class discrimination.

Organizational Diversity & Discrimination

Organizational Diversity & Discrimination
Diversity is an important factor that contributes to the survival of any organization. Diversity includes recognizing, respecting, understanding, and accepting each others individual differences. Traditional diversity was stereo typed with two main categories of race and gender. Today's diversity is comprises with several dimensions: race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, gender, political belief, religious beliefs, or other ideologies. As such diversity is defined as “the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual”1 .