The Physical Atmosphere in Faulkner?s Dry September

The Physical Atmosphere in Faulkner?s Dry September
An anonymous patron in the barbershop at the beginning of ?Dry September? makes one of the key statements in the short story: ?It?s this durn weather. . . It?s enough to make a man do anything? (170). The patron sees the heat and drought as having possibly driven a black man to attack or offend a white woman. The idea that the weather has an effect on the townspeople is echoed at the end of the story when McLendon?s wife says, ?I couldn?t sleep. . .The heat; something? (182). In both examples, the climactic conditions and external environment are seen as affecting the town dwellers? behavior. The physical atmosphere, however, seems to be more a reflection of the emotional atmosphere of the townspeople than the cause of their agitation, as the barbershop patron would have us believe. In particular, the dust that pervades the story can be seen as a reflection of the dried-up, monotonous, and lonely existence of Minnie Cooper.

Possible Cause-Effect Topics

1. Explain the effects of stress on you. Focus by limiting to a specific situation.
2. Think about your favorite author. What caused him/her to write as he/she did?
3. What are the effects of television on study habits?

Reveal Your Inner World in Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay Develops Students’ Critical Thinking
Students are supposed to reveal their personal points or thoughts in a reflection essay. This kind of essay helps you to know your inner world better as only your reaction or perception of the issue is important. Due to this essay you may improve your critical thinking and writing skills.


Human behavior can be common, unusual, acceptable, or unacceptable. Behavior can be conscious or unconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary. In sociology, behavior is considered to be the most basic human action. Behavior should not be mistaken with social behavior, as social behavior is behavior specifically directed at other people. The acceptability of behavior is evaluated relative to social norms and regulated by various means of social control. The behavior of people is studied by the academic disciplines of psychology, sociology, economics, and anthropology.

Approaching the Reflection Essay

There are several specific types of essays that teachers may require you to write, dependent on the class and topic you are focused on. One of the popular essays for almost any subject is the reflection essay. These are designed to show your understanding of past situations or materials, while providing a personal touch to the information you are presenting. Understanding how to focus on this specific type of writing can then help you to provide the correct approach to your paper.

Consumer Behavior Research Paper – Tips for Writing

Consumer Behavior Research Paper – Tips for Writing
Consumer Behavior Research Paper – Tips for Writing
Consumer behavior research papers can be assigned for different courses. It can be Psychology, Marketing or Economics. This topic is really interesting to investigate. Only imagine, millions of people buy various goods every day or use some services. You also do it, since you are also a consumer.

Have you ever thought about the decision-making process that occurs in our heads while choosing this or that goods or services? What are the factors that influence our decision? Or what are the factors that can make us change our mind? All these you will have to study while writing your consumer behavior research paper.

Consumer Behavior Essay

Consumer Behavior Essay
Generally, consumer behavior study presupposes the analysis of various issues which somehow influence the process of selecting and using specific products or services by individuals, groups or organizations. In fact, consumer behavior study helps companies improve their sales by developing and implementing more effective marketing strategies.


They are the foundation of our village, our community or town.
Today I am asking, you know on divali day when mummy finish making all the nice sweets instead of choosing out the best to take for our friends the next day, let’s choose the best in a nice little package fill with food and take it to the old villager. Sit with him or her for a moment, cause as you know the “old are the wise”
To my brothers and sisters let’s lead by example. Let’s start by saying Sita Ram, good morning or Assalam u Alaikum cause it’s the little things in life that makes the difference.

Personal Statement Tips - Writing An Incredible Admissions Essay That Gets Results!

Personal Statement Tips - Writing An Incredible Admissions Essay That Gets Results!
Creating an effective personal statement isn't easy, but it's a necessary evil for getting into the graduate program of your choice. Though you don't necessarily see the need for writing one of these, graduate programs find that these essays allow them to become more acquainted with program applicants. Essentially, a strong personal statement is a reflection of the prospective student, his strengths, his character and his goals. Depending on the topic being discussed, a well-crafted essay can also display a student's integrity and potential of perseverance as well. With that said, keep these tips in mind when you're drafting yours!

Reflective essay

Reflective essayIf to talk professional writers, or at least people, who have some writing skills, this task will seem to be elementary. But average students and pupils, who face this task more often, feel crashed in front of reflective essay.
Reflecting essay means expression of your ideas on the chosen topic. Topic should be described fully and to fulfill all the interest of audience, which may acquire during reading. Reflection essays demonstrate the writer's attitude towards a selection topic, event or experience. The writers should use their senses, mind and logic to write an effective reflection essay that captivates readers and makes them want to read the paper attentively till the very last word. Since a reflection essay is mostly subjective it should not use authoritative tone and should not force the readers to believe something. On the contrary, a reflection essay is a playground for effective presentation of ideas and subjective experiences of the writer. It may be said that a reflective essay possess the traits of a philosophical analysis of different experiences we face in our everyday life.
As this kind of essay is the same as other, it is divided in a logical tree parts – introduction, body and the conclusion. The whole thought you should divide into three parts. Each of them will have own goal and will serve own part. Introduction, for example, although is not a main part, but not less important. If you will have successful starting, you will catch audience’s attention and sympathy, you will be on the mid way to the win!